See the moment five Americans freed from Iran arrive in Qatar

Five Americans who had been imprisoned in Iran have been freed and have landed in Doha, Qatar, before flying to the United States. The five, all of whom had been designated as wrongfully detained, were freed as part of a wider deal that includes the US unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian funds. #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Brian M

    Imagine if all the US hostages held were Black . Female, Anti-American basketball players. They'd all be free and home long ago.

  2. 4
    D Reed

    None of them are Americans. Biden administration paid billions and released terrorists for them. They were all in on this scam getting massive payouts. And theres a reason they wont release the other two names. They are criminals too.

  3. 5
    KC Nwokoye

    Congratulations President Biden and they calling you sleepy Joe but you keep delivering for the American people. You keep working to free these Americans who keep going to places where they hold them hostage. Hope they seat their butts at home and not go to places where they will be held hostage.

  4. 6

    There is no end to the stupidity of this American Democratic Party and that old Alzheimer's man joke biden! Biden exchanged five innocent people who were held hostage in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran with five dangerous terrorists of the Islamic Republic who came to America to bomb and kill their opponents. And in addition, he paid a ransom of six billion dollars to this criminal regime. This is shameful, and it will only take a little while for the terrorist Islamic Republic to take ten US citizens hostage, this time, and it doesn't even need to be done in occupied Iran. .! Rather, it can carry out these people in neighboring countries such as Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, and kidnap and take hostages, and imprison them in Iran. And they ask for money and freedom of their terrorists again. And this case will continue forever!If anyone remembers, during the time of President Donald Trump, the Islamic Republic took innocent people hostage! But the Trump administration and team released them! Without giving even a single penny to these terrorists! It is for these reasons that the people of Iran accept Republicans and especially Donald Trump more than Democrats who support terrorists.😤

  5. 7
    Lisa Stoner

    When the woman covers her mouth in disbelief is pure raw emotions. I've watched this several times and I break down every time I watch her.

  6. 8
    Zat Riazati

    This Guy (Siamak Namazi) served in Iranian Military from 1994 to 1996 while he was an American Citizen. Also, he was part of NIAC group protecting Iranian interest in the United States. I have no idea why we have to release 6 billion dollars for someone who is protecting Iranian interest in the U.S.

    you can read daily beast Alex Shirazi Updated Apr 14, 2017 9:30AM EDT / Published Sep 15, 2015 1:13AM EDT

  7. 11
    Martin Dread

    Iran released three Iranians and the unknowns don't exist.. that's what I suspect.
    The 6 billion will be used as they please, as they said.. FJB

  8. 13
    Dynamic Dave

    Has Trump rushed to congratulate the Biden administration on this awesome success?
    How about Vivek and Nikki, two politicians who want to appear as experts on the intricacies of foreign policy negotiations?

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