Varney rips Schumer for ditching Senate dress code to appease Fetterman #shorts

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney calls out Chuck Schumer for relaxing the Senate dress code to accommodate John Fetterman. #foxbusiness #shorts

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  1. 1
    Walter Pearson

    Imagine how long it would take schumer to rescind his 'dictate,' with members, en masse, doing a 'strip poker' effect, coming to 'work' with one. less. article. of. clothing. each. day.

  2. 4

    Heck next these dirt bags will be allowed a maximum of 4 grams cocaine into the WH for more communistic ideals

  3. 8
    C Rutherford

    I think its a loss. I worked a job at my State Capitol years ago and having to put your suit coat and tie on before walking on the floor was about the only visible manifestation that it was an important place.
    Sometimes there's a reason for these traditions and without those respect is lost. Today we say looks don't matter but are obsessed with how peoples faces look instead – race, gender, etc. The exact opposite of how it should be. As the former shows you care about your job and appearance. Sad times.

  4. 11
    Ernie Cope

    Let's see Schumer, Nadler, Pelosi and maybe even Joe Biden's stooges in their Hoodies, short- shorts flip flops……somewhere in D.C. another turd circles in the toilet and is released into the Potomac.

  5. 20
    J. Buch

    It would be much better is elected officials would come to work dressed like this and get things done than having a bunch of suits showing up not getting any f*cking thing done…

  6. 22
    Kanani Miranda

    He shouldn’t be a senator if he is scared to speak and can’t even dress at least business casual. This is casual casual saturday chores day attire. At least a nice button up shirt short sleeve and nice jeans or dockers or dickies would be better than this grocery run outfit. He signed up to be senator. If he can’t do the things every other senator can do, then he should be impeached and replaced.

  7. 24
    Dhi 2667

    It’s time for the republican congress to start doing crazy things. Wear a different Halloween costume every time you go to the Capitol. Couldn’t imagine what Lauren Boebert would wear.

  8. 33
    Mike Mike

    I would like all the GOP politicians to show up to work dressed as Fetterman and see just how ridicules this type of dress code is unacceptable.

  9. 48
    Ela Kay

    Send him back home and change…how dare he even go into our White House like that. He's making a mockery of respect @

  10. 50
    Sami Risen

    Americans must demand Schumer our employee to stop accommodating mental illness and lack of respect for office he serve’s Americans! Time to term limit and fire many lifer’s and mental illness in senate and representatives and clear out bureaucrats ! Change the right to Sue big pharmaceutical corporations with no limits and stop all ads for drugs on media outlets.

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