Reporter takes off his protective gear on air after learning his colleague has been killed

A Palestine TV correspondent, Mohammad Abu Hattab, and 11 members of his family were killed in southern Gaza following an alleged Israeli airstrike on his home, according to a statement from the Palestinian Authority-run television network. #CNN #News

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    I can’t stop crying over this….I’m constantly watching all the coverage and I’m constantly thinking about it and I feel so god damn helpless being an American…a Jewish American….knowing I have blood on my hands because my tax dollars are funding this (and let’s just be honest and call it what it is) modern Holocaust. What happened to my people is what is being done to the Palestinians in REAL TIME and I’m so sorry. My heart is breaking with you. I call my elected officials and leave messages begging for you to be free and begging for this to stop. My heart physically and literally aches for you. I’m so sorry.

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    Still trying to sanitize the language at the end of « CNN couldn’t independently verify the sources » the truth is clear as day but you still try desperately to cast doubt and mislead. Shame on you

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    The American government is the main beneficiary of Israeli fascism, it also organized the terrorist attack on September 11, it also started a huge war in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and if necessary it will organize the same on American territory

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    It is absolutely despicable to see Jewish people treating Palestinians similarly to the ways Jewish people were treated during the Holocaust. The cement walls topped with barbed-wire around Gaza, the humiliation in check points, the dispossession of personal belongings (documents, car keys, personal photos, houses and land), the cutting off of water and food supplies, the control of where Palestinian fisherman can fish (if they don't stay withing demarcated area, they are shot at by the IDF), the humiliating ways the Palestinians are treated at check points by IDF soldiers and the extremely oppressive way they are treated in their own land. Sickening. Our tax money is being used to help an extremely evil force. The Israeli regime keeps using Hamas as an excuse to keep bombing Palestinian families out of their homes and land — to then occupy them with new Jewish settlers who keep arriving from other countries, people who have zero connection with Palestinian land — thieves who take over the land and the homes of Palestinians. The Israeli regime keeps using Hamas as an excuse to depopulate Palestine — to commit an ethnic cleansing of the area Natanyahu wants to take over, but what the world doesn't know is that the Palestinian people also live under the oppression of Hamas members. Most people keep saying that Palestinians deserve to be bombed because they voted for Hamas, but very few know that they voted for them in elections held after Israel withdrew from Gaza. But this was mainly a protest vote against the corruption of Fatah. I remember interviews on TV with Gazans at the time – nobody expected them to win! In any case, there was supposed to be a unity government. Shortly after, Hamas seized total power in a coup. There have been no elections since (about 15 years ago). Palestinians are actually terrified of Hamas and watch what they say about Hamas because they can be betrayed by family members or neighbors and eventually become a target for Hamas. Basically, Palestinians live or survive between 2 evils: Israel and Hamas. Israel has been built on lies and stolen land.

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    There is no agenda other than this: Only once all of the Biblical land of Israel has been cleared of every non-Jew, mosque and Christian church and the the Third Temple rebuilt in the place of that mosque, then the Jewish messiah will appear. This not only a Jewish ideal but a prophesied sequence of events eagerly awaited by Christians.

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    I'd have a lot more sympathy if these "journalists" actually reported the truth. Their deaths are their own faults. Sorry but not sorry. They have the power to expose Hamas for what they are but instead they are cowards and puppets of a Terrorist Organization.

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    It is all horrible but where has this journalist been when his state shoots rockets into Israel? …and some do reach a target kill and maim Israelis? …and where would Israel be if they had not developed sophisticated means of defense because they learned, early on, that everyone in the region was bent on their destruction?! Bottom line, when Palestinians see their leaders firing on their neighbors, don't expect to be exempted from retaliation and you will have no peace. With all the men they have, they could have developed a resistance to Hamas and they could definitely have informed Israel of tunnel locations, etc. I have no respect for this reporting that seeks to give a forum for the view that Israel is at fault and causes Palestinian attacks. Hamas are beastial terrorists and some innocent people are caught up in their barbarism. Israel defends their state and their people.

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    Question for all Americans
    Why ? Why do Americans sacrifice themselves for the Jews? Why did Americans become slaves to the Jews?
    Why do American TV channels like CNN mislead and lie to the American people?

    Why do banks and companies support Jews? (killing)
    There is no country in the world that burned and bombed hospitals and schools (and killed and burned) women and children, only Israel with the support of America and Europe. Because killing children exists in the (religion) of the Jews

    How do Christians love the Jews who crucified Jesus?
    They despise Christians,
    Europe hates the Jews because they are responsible for the wars in Europe.
    There are no Jews in Palestine.
    Britain occupied Palestine and settled Jews there. And you gave it to the Jews in 1948. It is a great injustice. Do you accept that thieves seize (your house) and then sell it to Jewish criminals?
    This is what will lead to the emergence of (Islamic groups) attacking America, because of the injustice practiced by America and Israel (the Zionists).

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    israels government and its zionist mind not different then 3th rcht nz germanys mind, IS gov. just growt hatered againt to all jews community, worst genocide ever in written history

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