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    Pixels303 at-Odysee

    Nobody is covering the impeachment of Biden and the pending shutdown of the federal Government.

    Just like they failed to cover the empty hospitals post 2020, or the lethality of treatments

    Ever wonder, if media was also complicit?
    Putin is looking more and more like a good guy. Almost makes me desire learning how to speak Russian. M

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    John Claset

    As trump continues to open his buttcheeks for putin peenor, we see here yet another oligarchal tyrant trying to manipulate the media.

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    I think he said how badly does America stink without Trump .

    The only politician who wasn't .

    The world is more corrupt than is actually shown …

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    Elvina Daliyong


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    Alexius Corylus

    I'm russian, believe me, putin is way more corrupt than anybody in USA, also he don't care about his people, not even a little, he even mocks them when he talks to simple people. Putin has a "live" video call with people from Russia for a few hours where he tries to look like he is a good president, like he is helping them. I remember once a simple working guy complained that every month he pays a tax for the road to be fixed, his and other people's cars are breaking because of the bad road, it's been 23 years he was paying, the whole time putin is the president and the road still not fixed, so he asked him, can you help us, like to tell some local politics to finally use the money, not take it and build the road and putin replied laughing – Why you have a car if you have no road? 😂 Hahaha
    Now imagine any American president would mock in the face a simple working American that asked for help? Still, putin thinks that he made a good joke.
    You Americans, even when you're broke, you have a better life, you can get help from the government, food banks etc, so you think we have any of that in russia? No. So please, love your country and stop complaining that it's hard for you to be broke I the USA, you live in a free world and we here in russia can't even say a word of truth to the government, we will be in jail or mocked in the face.

  6. 28
    Mikael Cronholm

    Yes, this is good for Ruzzia. And bad for every freedom loving country in the world! Trump and Putin are both a menace to world democracy and peace. Both belong in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

  7. 30
    Beth Kabbage

    Sadly everything Mr.Putin is saying is the truth. America now has zero credibility to the world. Biden made a comment that he must not allow President Trump to be re elected be any means necessary. If they fall to put him in prison are they willing to assassinate him? Time will tell.

  8. 36

    Yeah, accountability isnt really a Russian thing, Trump would thrive in that corrupt place. Thats why they're losing the war, theyve been scamming away their entire defense sector for decades. Chickens have come home to roast

  9. 39
    Al Bundy

    It's so disappointing when someone like putin sees what is going on. Liberals will, of course, see this as putin supporting Trump and proof they were right along.

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    Lee Ward

    His perceptive statements should cause the citizens to understand the absolute harm to the whole country and to the citizens, personally, that the globalists. leftists, Democrats, DNC, SES, Biden and his Administration, Obama and his underlings and the RINOS.

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