Top Dem Rep: Cassidy Hutchinson showed ‘more courage’ than ‘old guys she worked with’

Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-California) and MSNBC Political Analyst Claire McCaskill join Nicolle Wallace to discuss former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s first public comments since her testimony to the January 6th Select Committee.

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  1. 1

    Allow me to take a line here from the Democrat's Playbook – Where's the "Evidence"??? Here we've got a woman who testified during the House January 6th Committee by saying either, "I Don't Know", or, "I Don't Recall" over 100 times – is THAT compelling Testimony??? In a Court of Law, I think that would be viewed as "Irrelevant". And NOW, we're supposed to view Cassidy Hutchinson as some sort of a, "Hero"? I don't think so. Where are the "Fact Checkers" when you really need them?

  2. 3

    If he waited until after an election to come forward and say the FBI is corrupt, then I don’t believe him. He lacked the courage to be a whistleblower … perhaps because he’s talking out of his @ss and his @ss is protected by the speech and debate clause now. Low character and low tactics for low information voters.

  3. 4
    Don Wick

    Imagine a 70+ Grandpa Trump trying to attack a trained Security Service accordance to her testimony. Still crack me up when I see her !!!

  4. 7

    IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID! (1992 Bill Clinton campaign).
    Joe Biden is a criminal who took bribes as VP! And right now $2 gas and 1% inflation look pretty good! Also under Trump, Putin never invaded anyone and wasn't threatening to use nukes! Kim never fired off any ICBMs! And Chinas Xi wasn't flying warplanes over Taiwan! THE WORLD WAS SAFER!

  5. 8

    OMG, even after all this, we are still down 10 points, we need to let in more illegal immigrants faster so we can get their vote.

  6. 10
    Chris Oneil S

    The race-baiting fake news media selling another bimbo that's going to take down Donald Trump. While the brain-dead deranged liberal lunatics embrace nothing but lies. They refuse to see the open borders, in-your-face corruption, massive inflation, rampant poverty and crime, and the party of slavery leading humanity down the road to world war 3. God help us all

  7. 26
    charlotte rittgers

    I see the hall lurker who pretends she is above her paygrade is back spewing more nonsense "and he hopped over the seat of the beast to grab the wheel a blatant lie" how is she even relevant

  8. 27

    Why is "credibility" so hard to recognize for so many Americans? If you need a good example, here's one in Ms Hutchinson… And I say we agree to let this Republican insider choose the next president or at the least, tell us who to stay away from!

  9. 32

    Well we all know she's definitely a credible witness. First she supposedly told the truth , then she said she lied.😂

  10. 35
    doug field

    Cassidy Hutchinson was proven to be a liar , she gave false testimony in the hearings but since she is against Pres Trump MSNBC is going to make her their new queen of gotcha Politics , anything goes when it's got anything to do with making former Pres Trump into a monster and anyone who agrees with him into a Domestic Terrorist ! There is nothing fair about MSNBC reporting and they have no problem making lies into facts without any proof at all and second hand testimony where the people who were they says Cassidy is lying . And what is rich is MSNBC at the same time is covering up Joe Biden's blunders lies and cognitive decline ! MSNBC has ruined their reputations and the Ratings drop shows people are on to you

  11. 38

    It sure requires courage to lie to a committee. Her story to the Jan 6th committee was laughably bad.

  12. 40
    Patrick Skramstad

    I believe Trump sees himself as the state. Those who oppose him are essentially opposing the state. The debates will be rough. I would not be put into a spot where I have to explain myself to him.

  13. 47
    Posi P

    Hutchinson is the one telling lies. She was not in the car with Trump and only repeats hearsay to the judge. She is a real piece of sh1t.

  14. 49

    Supposed whistle blowers are bad unless they have something on someone we don't like. In her case it's like a bad highschool gossip group. I heard from Sally who heard from Judy who heard from the garbage man that Orange Man Bad.

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