Putin and Kim meet for first time in 4 years

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  1. 16
    Nicki Snyder

    Putin needs ammunition to continue to destroy its friendly neighbour in an attempt to steal its resources. North korea wants nukes, Not satellites, Nukes. North korea will be getting uranium and the plans to build more dangerous bombs. North korea may be saying it's getting satellites because it doesn't want china to know what it's really up to…, But if I know, I'm guessing china knows.

  2. 17
    Neil Canton

    Why isn't Trump there??? He didn't want to be part of his lover Kim Jong UN spanking Trump's over lord?
    Guess they will go he Trump his orders later.
    How is it that after 4 years of Trump's regime China, Russia and N.Korea leapfrog American middle technology???

  3. 20

    The only thing missing in this video clip is there other BFF… Donald "little hands" Johnny Trump a.k.a self-proclaimed Pussy Grabber.
    Then the "ménage à trois" of tyrants would be completed.

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