Hutchinson is a ‘key voice’ for prosecutors in Trump cases says Jen Psaki

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Cassidy Hutchinson’s first interview since her Jan. 6 testimony in which she told Rachel Maddow people need to understand Donald Trump’s threat to democracy is “not in the past” and he could do it again.
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  1. 6
    Edgar Tokman

    "This is nothing more than a political indictment designed to silence dissent from the powers that be decide is truth. If enough government scientists and officials tell lawlakers that vaccines prevent the spread of a disease or that a virus did not originate in a lab, at what point are lawmakers considered liars if they continue to say they believe otherwise? Smith's indictment doesn't say. These pages have already called on Republicans to reject Trump and choose any other nominee. These pages have also acknowledged that Smith's earlier indictment has Trump dead to right's on tape admitting to giving damaging classified document's illegally to a reporter. But as badly as many people wan't Trump to be removed from the political scene, stretching the bounds of conspiracy law in ways that could be used against others to silence dissent, at best, imprudent. " -The Washington Examiner

  2. 7
    Edgar Tokman

    "We warned Trump was endangering his legacy by repeating false claims before Jan. 6, 2021, and we condemned the violence of that day. But as clear as the evidence was that there was no substantial fraud and that Trump lost the 2020 election, it was also clear that Trump and millions of his followers believed otherwise. Smith has plenty of evidence that Trump was told he was wrong but scant evidence that Trump believed what he was told. Citing the honestly held beliefs of their constituents that there was widespread voter fraud, 11 Republican senators and senators elect signed a joint statement on Jan. 2, 2021, calling for a delay of the Jan. 6 certification. Both before and after Jan 6, Trump endorsed this course of action. By the logic of the indictment and prevailing conspiracy law, these senators are just as guilty as Trump. Why weren't they charged ? Because Smith knows it would be politically impossible for him to do so. " -The Washington Examiner

  3. 9
    mrg nevile

    trump the king of bankruptcy no wonder he is completely bankrupt himself physically mentally emotionally spiritually and he and his cronies' republicans are about to bankrupt/shut down Our Country again these crazy republicans get a kick out of power tripping and harming The People of The United States of America the republicans think they are above The People Above The Constitution Above The Law the republicans love to take away Peoples Rights And Freedoms the republicans have taken away American Families' Privacy to decide their love relations and family size the republicans have taken away women's God Given And Constitutionally Granted Rights and Freedoms of women to regulate their own bodily autonomy and the Rights of Husbands and Wives to decide how to behave sexually and the republicans take away the privacy between doctors and patients the republicans take away The American people's right to free democratic elections and the republicans are thrilled to take all the power for there own greedy purposes and leave Most Americans to suffer financially the republicans are thrilled to greedily grab power and shut down/bankrupt Our Country the power crazed republicans wish harm on others their power tripping is full of cruelty and malice seeking revenge against people who vote against them The American People should stand up against this republican tyranny and vote the power mongering republicans out of power and stand up for The United States of America?

  4. 11
    John Tell

    Not holding my breath. Especially the fact that Trump media coverage has significantly increased in order to get him re-elected. All media! $$$$$

  5. 12
    Shani Blue

    "He wants to do it again" Girlfriend…he hasn't stopped doing it. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has ordered an impeachment inquiry into the current president of the executive branch of the United States federal government with ABSOLUTELY no evidence upon the bootleg tweet of Citizen Trump. And a hand full of jacks from the Republican party are threatening the country with a shutdown of the federal government even though all of them in Congress will still get they paychecks. Then in a related text from his social media Citizen Trump thinks that his followers will believe that the man he targeted because he wants a job he is NO WAY qualified for is to blame for the shutdown even though before all of this mess got started he handed Congress a workable budget that they rejected.

    Oh, and the man indicted on 91 felonies might have bought a gun.

    You know what? Nancy Pelosi deserves a long vacation. Like, you do your best to hold a divided house together and the person who takes the reigns can't steer. I no way should she feel compelled to run again. She deserves neverending Mojitos. There's enough young blood in Congress to talk us through this house of hoarders. If Matt (hates fat women) Gaetz wants to remove McCarthy, let them. They don't have enough cohesion to put up a replacement. I'm sure that gavel would fit Hakeem Jeffries hand just right. Congress did us no favors by trying to be nice to the people who want to rule rather than represent after their actions before and on January 6th 2021, (we all know who they are).

    In conclusion, I would like to say that the parties are not part of the government. Christian nationalism is unconstitutional. And looking to the HNIC is always going to cause confusion. Miss Hutchinson said she "adored" Trump. Wretch…. he was never a Republican. He's an opportunist. People fall to his reputation but his reputation is only as real as the words of the people spreading them. I secretaried probably for most of Miss Hutchinson's life and all I got is office butt. However, I know Trump had no business with all them boxes. And so should she. They catered to the personality but neglected the business.

  6. 15
    David Radford

    Ms. Hutchinson's testimony was brave and something we really need more of. That being said, remember she stayed with the Trump Administration until the bitter end, and then, even tried to get a job with Trump after his term ended. Despite all she witnessed, she was more than willing to keep drinking from the Trump gravy train. So, certainly a person to be commended in some respects, but not one to be lauded too loudly.

  7. 18

    Why is "credibility" so hard to recognize for so many Americans? If you need a good example, here's one in Ms Hutchinson… And I say we agree to let this Republican insider choose the next president or at the least, tell us who to stay away from!

  8. 20
    GS Fouroone

    Why isn't Hutchinson being charged with giving false statements? If she was really brave and not grifting there would be no ghost written book about her Jussie Smollett antics.

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