Nicolle: How Gen. Milley fought to contain an unstable Trump, protect ‘stability’ of democracy

Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey, Editor-at-Large for the Bulwark Charlie Sykes and former lead investigator for the January 6th Select Committee Tim Heaphy join Nicolle Wallace to discuss new reporting from The Atlantic which details General Mark Milley’s tireless efforts to counter an unstable Donald Trump.

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  1. 1
    Lee Hamblin

    well your misunderstanding of moral is why trump said ,dont show this,it puts the military and there need for recruitment in a bad light,do your homework generals didnt want there soldiers to see mash the tv show becauase it created a negative effect.milley is a intrenched idealog.he should be fired along with all the command staff.while our borders are being over run were is the joint chiefs or the military staff,you have a president in your face refuseing to keep america safe and all you can do is whin about Trump,seriously

  2. 2

    For those who are considering re-electing trump reflect on this:

    Under the Principate, The early Roman Emperors of the Roman Empire were not kings by law. They were presented ultimately as magistrates who , however, wielded extraordinary powers with the purpose of getting things done which, of course, allowed for the abuses of power without checks.

    As such, when the Emperor Caligula assumed power in 37 AD, he told a roman senator who dared to give him advise, " Remember, I can do whatever i want."

  3. 3
    Jay H

    General Mark Milley was right to call Tommy Tuberville is un-American.

    He is causing nation security problems that is obviously helping Chinese.

  4. 5
    Pac NW Guy

    Trump is now calling for Milley's execution for treason for betraying him. By that "logic", shouldn't Trump also be executed for treason for betraying the entire nation? If not, why not?

  5. 6

    Milley is a fraud. He didn’t fight to contain anything. If he had a shread of integrity, why didn’t he resign?

  6. 8
    Nathan Vinson

    That's just disgusting does he not realize that a wounded man sacrificed all that for even him. Does anyone realize that those kind of sacrifices is the reason why you can walk to the grocery store. Those kinds of sacrifices is the reason why you can choose to do something with your life or do nothing with it because you're in a country that has brave soldiers who fought for your freedom. trump & maga are traitors.

  7. 10
    R Jakob

    I am not surprised Defendant Trump made that statement to General Milley. For a President to make his comments known the way he did was despicable beyond belief. Especially coming from a Vietnam "draft dodger" as Defendant Trump is! FYI: Defendant Trump never had shin splints. I remember him at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier ceremony once during his term, and even back then, in my eyes, he was a disgrace to veterans and our nation. This so-called X-President deserves a small, cold prison cell for life without parole.

  8. 11
    the copy store

    I do not understand that people don’t want to see that this guys wants to be a DICTATOR.
    Watch out people, be careful what you are wishing for.
    There are a lot of people in the USA that take things for granted and they don’t really know what it is to leave under DICTATORSHIP
    Look at Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and other countries around the world.

  9. 12
    Mark Phillips

    For ihere to be a question on if trump gets back in is so disgusting, it's the Americans that will vote for him thats nuts and dome are college educated so you cansay its the dumb people, i have never seen a country come apart at the seams like this one has

  10. 16
    Vicente Galvan

    The Republicans are fachist enemy of The People and betray the United Strate Of America and is princeples, Republicans are the enemys of The Intire American Continent; TRAITORS.

  11. 20
    mrg nevile

    I a veteran recognize the fact that trump always a liar avoided his duty to serve and worse shows total disrespect for the great men and women that swore an Oath To The Constitution of The United States of America to patriotically serve in Our Military?

  12. 21
    mrg nevile

    veterans across Our Country should be united in their rejection of trump he has absolutely zero respect for Our Country's Heros?

  13. 23
    mrg nevile

    people need only go to the video of the trump tower Atlantic City New Jersey crashing to the ground as a result of trump's failure the tower was his great business adventure of course it went bankrupt and ended up crashing to the ground imploded now forgotten ruble? and a great analog of how to look at trump we should all see that it's best to likewise see trump forgotten ruble?

  14. 25
    Jeff Saginaw

    Doesn't just say about trump BUT what it says about the Americans who PUT trump IN POWER. They are CLUELESS about the military. And as such they DON'T CARE just like trump. We are at a horrifying point in history where the CLUELESS are controlling the US House and the republican party.

  15. 26

    It's stuff like this that reminds me that Trump is not merely ordinary level unpleasant and the kind of person I detest, he is scum.

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