Menendez on bribery charges: ‘Prosecutors get it wrong sometimes’

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., held a press conference to address the allegations against him after being indicted on bribery charges. The senator stressed that the charges were only “allegations” and assured his constituents he would continue to work in the Senate.

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Menendez on bribery charges: ‘Prosecutors get it wrong sometimes’

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  1. 1
    Nat Jac

    I think he should resign when Santos resigns. I wonder how many gold bars Trump has hidden. Oh I forgot he’s hiding all of his in plane sight melted down all over the fixtures in his homes. Good trick!! Hide it in plain sight and no one will think anything of it right? You know Dems always have to push to do the right thing. Every time there is the tiniest indiscretion or in Mendez case an alleged Misconduct, the Dems just can’t help themselves and have to urge their staff to resign immediately before even being found guilty. They don’t even give time for a public apology or some form of congressional punishment or censorship. Yet when republicans are found to have done anything wrong ( whether financial, moral, ethical on or off the job) they NEVER hold their staff accountable. Dems have lost some great politicians over some of the most PG rated scandals and yes others over big scandals. Why in the heck don’t republicans politicians (the so called moral majority, do nothing wrong, so perfect that I’m positive they even think that Jesus didn’t have to die for their sins) ever ask their staff to resign when they clearly have broken the laws and rules? The mainstream republicans didn’t ask alleged lying thieving George Santos to resign, don’t want to ask the supreme courts justices to develop an ethics policy, DO want Trump as president again despite all of his severe indiscretions. The list of Crooked, thieving, immoral, lying, cheating, racist, republican list goes on and on and on. So yes Mendez should probably resign but only after Santos’s resigns and when mainstream republicans call for Trump to hang up his hat. Because the millions of dollars that Trump has been alleged to have stolen or stolen by default ( through not paying taxes, not paying contractors to build his buildings, and by falsifying his real estate records to save and make money of which he was just found guilty) puts Mendez alleged financial crime to shame. So dems please stop!!😊

  2. 2

    He seems totally genuine, he really comes across as if he believes what he is saying. Thats why politicians are scary people. Totally ruthless with zero capacity to feel empathy

  3. 9
    Bigtimefire Breather

    I listen to people when they talk. He invoked his mother and then went on to say this was going to be his biggest fight. Why would you bring your mother into it and why would you talk about it being your biggest fight if you knew you were innocent and had plenty of information to prove such. Guilty as charged! But of course no matter what happens he's going to be left with millions of dollars to retire on

  4. 10
    Iraset morales Penderequi

    😂😂😂 finally a pest control of all that Cuban mafia probably even family whit that ones involved in JFK assassination that type of people that don't believe in democracy and can't respect or love any country, if America take you like a refugee the minimal actions should be protected the constitution the Americans laws and democracy , but they are mess up everything they touch, go and make company to your colleague Enrique Tario he just got 22 years for national terrorist

  5. 11
    Saul Soriano

    His not honest with a millionaire life style he must be in the jail for ilegal activities that make him a rich person, he must be removed immediately

  6. 12

    "Your honor, I can explain. I simply had all my gold teeth pulled, and put them in a little tin box, a little tin box, that a little tin key unlocks …".

  7. 14

    How is the Menendez any different than the Biden Brand?
    . Biden Menendez
    . Source Bank Records Biden DoJ
    . Metals Diamond Gold
    . Car Porsche Mercedes
    . Cash? China $8.1M Egypt $0.56M
    . Ukraine $6.5M
    . Russia $3.5M
    . Romania $3.1M

  8. 18
    Peter O'Brien

    If he had continuously withdrawn cash from his bank for 30 years as he claims, his entire stash of bills should have dates that gradually increase from 30 years ago to today.

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