Mary Trump on her uncle: ‘He is an entitled loser who did nothing but waste his father’s fortune’

Mary Trump the founder and chair of the Democracy Defense Fund Sue Craig who was in the courtroom for Ivanka’s testimony join Nicolle Wallace to discuss the Trump families antics as they took the stand in the New York Attorney General’s civil fraud case.

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  1. 3

    There's always 1 black sheep in every family. This is one misfit spilling her bitter guts about her uncle on a very eager willing biased Network. Nothing new here same ol same ol.

  2. 5

    "…wasting his father's fortune…" reminds me of something the late oilman HL Hunt said about his nincompoop son Bunker, that he, HL, could find more oil w/a forked stick than Bunker could w/a a whole team of geologists – tRump is Bunker!

  3. 6

    I don't understand the MEGA Trump worshipers… Do they truly believe that Trump is sacrificing on their behalf when he says that he feels so proud to have been indicted 4 times for their sake? That he'll be saving them of the horrors of DEMOCRACY by declaring himself a FASCIST DICTATOR?
    Trump committed the crimes that he is being indicted, and being accuse off. He lied, he didn't pay his taxes, he stole, he cheated, he's a traitor to AMERICA. he staged a COUP enticing normal loving USA citizens into committing atrocities and even though now they're seating some of them in jail, paying for their stupid actions, Trump keeps on saying that they're political prisoners, hostages of a Democracy going bad… I hope they realized that in realty Trump is at fault for their demise…. and it's Trump who committed all the illegal actions that he's being accuse off.
    White supremacy? Are these "white" Americans truly believe that the land that is called now USA belong to them? This is the land that have been taken away from the NATIVE AMERICANS who lived from thousands of years in harmony with nature…
    Do these white American truly believe that the new immigrants are poisoning their clean – pure blood of their race???
    The present white people just as much as other people of other races their ancestors came to AMERICA trying to escape what the GOP AND TRUMP are trying to establish now in USA, an abusive Fascist, criminal, Dictatorship government….
    Do this American truly don't know how a Fascist and a Dictatorship government proceed when is put in power?.
    To start with, this type of government, will need lots of money to established their power and keep it!!
    Most all folks live off their retirement savings… This is money earned, kept thru paying takes by the government to have you enjoy a pension when you can't work anymore… TRUMP is threatening to END – ABOLISH – making it available for his use…
    Can you imagine all these old people with no monetary support?
    All personal rights will be suspended for good, which it means, this type of government will do as it pleases with it's citizens…
    Trump is already making it very clear that if he's elected, once in power he'll rule with vengeance…
    Can you imagine the radical and total destruction of DEMOCRACY? AMERICA will ceased to be "THE LAND OF THE FREE, THE LAND OF THE BRAVE" (And it's possible America could face another CIVIL WAR just to keep a narcissist in power 🙁 🙁 )
    Have you ever seen the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE 2? Marty McFly faces a threat from Biff Tannen who basically takes over their peaceful, beautiful town where they live, Buff makes a horrendous mess of it, the entire place is ruled him who has the same characteristics as Trump. Buff is a thief, traitor, liar, cheater, narcissist, cruel and gets rich by lying and cheating… He makes himself to be powerful and to show it, destroys the city, becomes unruly, Buff forgets the laws and rules with an iron hand destroying everything good in his path…

  4. 8

    Is decades of media exposure that she speaks of is how I know when a lying backstabbing snake trader he really is I watched him over the last five decades I already have a really good memory for him schmoozing Adolf Hitler all the way back lying and cheating and stealing from people all the time keeping him in court forever and ever till they go broke or give up he's trader

  5. 9

    I wish so much that the people who follow him & think he's the freaking messiah could wake up and see this & understand this. The reason the worlds dictators love him is because he's so easy to manipulate! Give the man a compliment and watch him melt! They can make him do what they want him to do, to get this country into a vulnerable position so they could possibly take over our country and/ or watch it crumble! We are the strongest country in the world, so of course the dictators & evil ones would love nothing more than the watch it crumble. They'd have the chance to become the ruler of their own strongest country- maybe even the world! We, as a strong country have to work TOGETHER to keep this country safe from people like Trump, who is willing to give us up for the promise of more money and/ or more power!

  6. 11

    I'd swear Mary Trump is a man, She OR HE IS FAMOUS FOR HATING ANOTHER PERSON CAN IT BECAUSE HER FATHER WAS A DRUNK AND TRUMP NEVER DRINKS? and shes bitter and jealous of his children's happy childhood?

  7. 18

    I bet there's, a few colleagues that will have a bag packed and a private jet waiting if Trump wins this next election. I know I would be. He will unleash all his big baby fury on all the people who said no to him. Quite pathetic really.

  8. 19

    This woman reminds me of someone is has seared her conscious and has a very unforgiving heart. The only people I know who is like this are people who smoke dope just an opinion.Peopl should not get involved in this when deciding whether or not to vote for Trump.This sounds like a vicious family matter that should be left alone Who is she ? What qualifies her to psycho analyze anyone.She sounds very revenge oriented and is making a lot of money from it.

  9. 21

    If He Is Reelected He Will Find Something Else To Divide The Country & Incite Riot's To Suit His Agenda. He Is Desperate To Win So He Can Avoid Going To Prison.

  10. 22

    Should have stayed out of politics , loser in business , loser in politics , loser in life , loser in everything he does , and a very horrible arsehole .

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