‘Makes me sick’: Guy Benson SOUNDS OFF on ‘shameless’ KJP

Guy Benson rips KJP’s terrible border response to Fox News’ Peter Doocy by refusing to answer his reasonable question. As the White House continues to pretend that there isn’t a border crisis, a war on the United States’ southern border rages on.

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  1. 1
    Katherine M.A. Nelson

    Someone should talk her by the hand, lead her to the border, and have her hold that dead baby. She needs to be brought into the real world away from her high and mighty podium.

  2. 2
    Bob Beck

    talk all you want, I agree but no one on the middle or other side is listening. You are talking to the wall as far as left is concerned

  3. 3

    You send money to a clown that daddy's money bought. If you had 91 counts of criminality against you, you'd be selling your house, and this prick isn't even selling his passenger jet. What the hell is wrong with you people, he's a bum, a psycotic bum!

  4. 4

    (An eye for an eye) is the only Old Testiment, or New Testiment that he knows. He's an atheist and you clowns think that he's the second coming(a con- man😂😂😂

  5. 5

    Quote from Trump( i have a very good brain) is he in kindergarden? He can't stop himself from complimenting himself and lie after lie after lie. (Oh, i havent done anything) that's why he had the translator leave the room when talking with Putin. You know, the tyrant from Russia(our enemy) He belongs in prison, where he can get some intense psycotherapy. I can't wait to see the look on your dumb faces when he loses case after case!

  6. 6

    We just had someone in south east Texas busted with over 300 grams of cocaine and 360 grams of Fentanyl. The numbers she is spouting off isn’t crap

  7. 7

    These people can NEVER get off of it! EVER! It's the agenda, the agenda, always the agenda 24/7, 365. You cannot have a civil conversation with these damned people ever!

  8. 9
    Braxton Combs

    They should make all the politicians that support this border policy go and work the border for awhile. It’s sickening they’re killing America.

  9. 16
    Eddie De Goede

    She's Haitian, soso educated, big chip on shoulder.
    She's there as a showpiece, being articulate, much less truthful, is not expected by the admin

  10. 17
    Richard Jones

    Laws are on the book's but not enforced. NY doesn't follow the Rule of Law regarding Student Visa's that have expired. "No big deal Forget about it" you say as the Towers crash to the ground.

  11. 24

    Black life matter 😴 it's all conspiracy by white skin people against black skin people 😴
    As an I am black skin people, I proud myself,
    But I face multiple times racisim by white skin people😴

  12. 25
    Dee Norunda

    What's it like to be so despised by nearly everyone, KJP? How despotic does your regime have to be that even the flunkies garner such ire?

  13. 26
    Eric Atkinson

    Africans and people of African descent see absolutely nothing wrong in lying through their teeth which is puts the world on the path to utter chaos

  14. 32
    Shadow Banned Conservative

    KayJayPee isn't smart enough to articulate anything, she can only barely convey what is written down in her binder. After she puts in her time though, she checks the right boxes for a seven-figure job with the MSM, just like Peesuki did.

  15. 33
    Shadow Banned Conservative

    KJP isn't smart enough to articulate anything, she can only barely convey what is written down in her binder. After she puts in her time though, she checks the right boxes for a seven-figure job with the MSM, just like Psuki did.

  16. 37

    Every lies from democrats more sinctoons to be grilled worldwide issues must be by impeaching by puttiing a military state urgency wipe out on the border

  17. 41
    Alfred Degiorgio

    Millions of white evangelicals have been indoctrinated by MAGA pastors to believe that Trump was sent by “their god''. Their god is not the Christian God: true Chistians know that their words are despicable blasphemy. Trump is the prophet of chaos and the Old Testament tells us that Satan is the author of all chaos, not God!

  18. 44
    Tom Tee

    I've never heard so much complete utter rubbish in my life. Heaven help your nation. If this lot are not thrown out of the swamp come next elections, you go straight to 'Third World'.

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