‘One of the more dangerous things’ about Trump: Former aide on Trump need for attention

Cassidy Hutchinson, former Trump White House aide and author of “Enough,” talks with Rachel Maddow about what it feels like to be the target of Donald Trump’s wrath and the peril that Republican loyalty to Trump represents to the Republican Party and to the United States. 
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  1. 4
    Lew Rodd

    You must hand it to the people at the top in the USA, they have done a fantastic job of indoctrinating people into thinking they know exactly what's going on in the USA, they are left free to steal all of the money while the idiots (the average American) fight amongst themselves, they should be talking about a decent healthcare system but they have them talking about irrelevancies. The rest of the world is moving forward while the USA stands still.
    I wonder if the American love of religion makes most Americans love suffering? why else would the average American love suffering so much?

  2. 8

    How long are we going to play dumb here ?…. for starters they believe that the +Rump was anointed by god …. what else do you need to explain their irrational blind elegance to this toxic buffoon.

  3. 11
    Patricia McKeon

    She is Incredible..!! Republicans support Drump because when he becomes dictatator, who do you think his propaganda minister will be, who do you think will be his finance minister etc etc…ALL THE GUYS supporting him now…They hate Trump….Groebels didn't love Hitler, he just wanted to be part of Hitlers Inner Circle

  4. 13
    Lynne Rose

    I appreciate everything by her testimony but this was his trajectory from the beginning.

    I saw it in 2015.

    Oh wow watching her say “Reagan Republican,” as if he wasn’t the literal template for Trump. Frightening that she thinks a “Reagan Republican” is a good thing or represents anything democratic.

    Lost quite a lot of my respect right there.

    Trump doesn’t exist without Regan, Cassidy.

  5. 14

    In America we need trump in my political view you dont have to agree with me but he did actual good when he was in the office he fixed alot of problems and like i said you dont have to agree with me and i respect your opinion

  6. 15
    Alvin Gayo

    Trump is out for blood when he’s elected again, therefore, he’s is dangerous. Should be charged so that he can never hold office again.

  7. 16
    Jeffery Jones

    Trump uses his white skin to get away with crimes.
    If he were black justice would be swift without due process.
    Would have been swift like the Central Park five.
    Donald J Trump wanted them in prison, he wanted them to be exterminated from life.
    They were innocent young black males.
    Research it it's public records.
    Never a Trumper.

  8. 19
    John Martinez

    Trump is dangerous because half the country is backing him! I was a Democrat and one day I woke up a Trump Zombie! I have no more free will! I do want ever he says! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! 😣

  9. 21

    03:08 That was comforting! I felt so sorry for her because of what she had to go through. Now that I know that she still supports the Republican fascist party at this point, makes me feel no pity for her, at all. Thumbs up.

  10. 24
    Tremain Cheerful

    Remarkable lady. It is unfathomable that she still identifies as a Republican, when the party is under MAGA control, full of criminals, cons, and traitors to democracy, lacking humanity.

  11. 26
    Ron Lanza

    Rachel is having the time of her life hating Trump. What a horrible hateful person she is!! Pure evil pretending to be a journalist.

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