Lie bomb goes off: Fox News Chair Rupert Murdoch out as lawsuits over Trump’s ‘big lie’ roil company

Rupert Murdoch announced he will step down as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp. In this special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down Murdoch’s exit. (Check out The Beat’s playlist: Connect with Ari Melber:
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  1. 2
    Odin Speaks

    What's good about this is that there's a lot to watch but we haven't really even gotten to the matter. People take a few years but eventually we'll come out the Trump and many of his enablers were on the Russian payroll and hence pay traders and hence subject to execution.

  2. 5
    Ray J

    Ruppert M is one of the most successful foreign entity that has managed to infiltrate our way of life and managed to divide us without the use of War planes and warships… He used the power of the pen 🖋️ press. Let that sink in..

  3. 8
    S A

    If there is a thing such as JUSTICE I truly hope the Murdoch billions are wiped out in legal settlement claims. In a just world Rupert and Lachlan won’t have two dimes to rub together.

  4. 10
    Eleanor Aquitaine

    When Murdoch owned it and Piers Morgan was the editor, News of the World published an actual photograph of heaven. An exclusive, of course. Murdoch never cared about the truth—only what sells. He still publishes lies every single day at Daily Mail—flat out, straight up lies—as he still does in all his media.

  5. 11
    Jan Kristen

    Democrats greatest fear that President Trump will win the presidential election again for a third time and expose the Democrat corruption imbedded so deeply within our own government

  6. 12
    Jan Kristen

    The entire Biden administration and big media coconspiritors should all be on trial for election interference and crimes against the American people

  7. 17
    elise nispee

    Murdoch name will be mired in the coup , attack on capitol and democracy led by trump in history books. Whatever trump touches turns into pus.

  8. 19

    Rupert Murdoch is truly one the most evil men in the history of the world that made the world a far worse place. That is his legacy.

    He built misinformation right wing propaganda entities in different countries, masquerading as news networks, trying to divide the countries within, weakening democratic foundations, instilling doubts about real dangers of climate change, empowering tribalism, nationalism, extremism, fringe right wing, decaying the decency, common sense and truth — for his power and money.

    May karma bite his behind soon for the damage he has caused.

  9. 23
    T Wulff

    I think Rupert Murdoch is one of the most dangerous people of our time, simply because he has no ethic, no moral conscience, no scruples, and most of all means, methods, ways and the opportunity to spin, to lie, to misinform, and to stir up hatred for his own gain. We are all afraid of the terrorist with guns and bombs, but we should also be afraid of the terrorist with printing presses and tv studios!

  10. 25

    People who were in black and white talking with a transatlantic accent should never be in a position of power like turn to dust already

  11. 27
    Kent Bond

    Isn't it ironic: not a single other millionaire took up a counter position? Makes me want a detailed look at his books to see how much — not if — other millionaires contributed to his cause as if the "Fall Guy"… Other millionaire s could have stopped him. Not one. Not one raised a finger against him. I got one🖕 for what you have done to America, not even your own country, an act of war.

  12. 34
    Joees Maricon

    People listen to fox as those that listen to the liberal mainstrem media and it's become a circus of the ruling party politicizing judges to brainwash the gullible. "It is good for a goverment whose people do not think"_ Adolf Hitler

  13. 35
    Lori M

    One of the biggest problems in this country is we allow crap to go on for so long, then do not attempt to do anything about it until so much damage is done. The police is a good example. Fox New as well. We know what is going on, but no one does anything til it gets to a point where it is hard to fix. People and ignorance are to blame as well. We have a country full of selfish people who do not care what harm is being done to others until harm is brought to them.
    We have lost track of right is right and wrong is wrong.
    Anyone watching Fox News, that sits comfortably and listens to people like Hannity, Carlson and Pirro, spew hate and conspiracy theories, are to blame too. What kind of person not only watches but defends? Anyone with a fraction of wits, at some point, says this is too much.

  14. 37
    Free America

    MSNBC and CNN are lying propagandist working for the communist Democrats

    Democrats want to destroy
    America to mske America a communist country.
    Wake up people

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