Laurence Tribe: Biden should transfer frozen Russian bank assets to Ukraine

Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe joins MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why President Biden has the authority to transfer roughly $300 billion in frozen Russian central bank assets to Ukraine towards rebuilding the war-torn country.
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  1. 1
    Ernest Andrews

    You must understand one thing that's not Putin's money it's the Russian people's money . I wonder how you would feel if something like this would happen to America and other countries asked for compensation if would call it Biden's money although he's blamed for the chaos that followed after the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan

  2. 4
    Gnirol Namlerf

    Also interesting: It was the USSR, in the seat that the Russian Federation, that does not include the other 14 states of the USSR, while claiming to be the same nation state, inherited, which insisted that Ukraine and Belarus (Byelorussia) were independent states that had to have their own seats in the UN in 1945. It was the USSR that voluntarily ceded Crimea from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954 (I think) in order to mollify rumblings in Ukraine about being part of the USSR. In other words, it was the gov't of the USSR, in which Putin served, that recognized the borders of Ukraine, which the gov't of the Russian Fed. now claims don't exist.

  3. 5
    JVS 3

    What Lawrence Tribe is describing is all the crimes committed by Ukraine for 8 years in the Donbas. Secondly it was the Obama Biden Nuland 2014 coup that started this proxy war. The villain in this entire event is the US. Russia has every right to act to protect its national security. The US goes anywhere in the world starting wars, invading countries, bombing attacking sovereign nations. Sanctioning causing great humanitarian suffering and murder. ALL under the guise of national security. Yet it feels “entitled” to believe it can want to threaten Russia at its border in the hopes of turning Ukraine into a nato puppet and the US builds nuclear military bases at Russia’s border and Russia has no right to defend its national security.
    Biden /Ukraine we’re preparing fall/winter 2021 for an invasion of Donbas in spring of 2022. Had Putin done nothing the US would be building its military bases at Russia’s threatening Russia’s national security.
    All the BS propaganda narrative that Russia is the evil one when all this US evil has been creeping g its way to Russia’s border. How conveniently all US propaganda narrative media never mentions any of this history

  4. 6
    UnCut History

    You both should be locked up if anyhing that money should come back to us help Maui and Ohio or OKC train derailment this bias bs no real American is supporting Ukraine we don't care

  5. 8
    Paul Burton

    There s much more:

    1) Get out of Ukraine all of it including Crimea

    2) Pay Ukraine and the West reparations

    3) Admit publicly that Russia attacked an innocents country that was no threat to Russia

    4) Admit that Ukraine can join any organization it wants

    5) Agree anyone accused of war crimes will be given over to the war crime tribunal for trial and punishment in Ukraine

    After all of that the West might agree to remove the sanctions on Russia or maybe not. Either way the Russian economy is in recession and heading to depression and then back to medieval times.

  6. 12
    Magd. S.


  7. 22
    Doc Atheist

    If Russia can inherit UN membership and a veto-power on the UNSC from the collapse of the USSR, then Ukraine and all other USSR break-offs must also be given such memberships, no?

  8. 23
    mrg nevile

    come on Joe be the President that does the right thing and transfer russian frozen finances to the war torn invaded Nation of Ukraine? do not be to cowardly to do the right thing? putin and russia are responsible for war crimes and systematically destroying Ukraine and It's People?

  9. 24
    the other 1

    That shouldn't be on blast. Wouldn't that infuriate Putin enough to do something even more bigly? Do it on the down-low, he doesn't need to know. Cat's outta the bag now though.

  10. 27
    Operator 9

    If this guy thinks this is a good idea he's no professor….we didnt even do this in ww2…nobody has ever tried to steal another countries money like this…and who is going to want to invest in the west if we did? Finacial systems are based on trust and we are compromising it…

  11. 28
    Demetrio Albidrez

    Russia You Broke and Invaded Ukraine's Solvency .You are Now Libel & Accountable for All the Crimes and Atrocites you have done in Ukraine . Those frozen assets you have , are to be used in rebuilding Ukraine back again .
    " YOU broke it and Now You Own It" !! Pay Up Russia !! Professor Tribe is Absolutely Right !! 😊😊😊

  12. 30
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