Known border gotaways blow past 1M under Biden

Former Yuma Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem on Biden visiting NYC but ignoring the migrant crisis as known border gotaways under his administration top 1.5 million.

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  1. 1

    Its not rocket science, the democrats have imported a 10 million strong army of guerrilla fighters from communist countries and enemy states to assist them with the 2024 coup

  2. 5
    Nicole C

    There making it so companies don’t have to move to Mexico. They just decide to bring them here. This will wreck our system. There doing to get cheaper labor. All by design

  3. 6
    Stymie Williams

    Our stupid NYC mayor and stupid council members stand with great big smiles on their faces and literally open arms and hugs to all the people coming into our city illegally. Now, the mayor is crying like a little b***h after publicly inviting them to come in. NYC is doomed.

  4. 7
    Ruben Benitez

    Fantastic! Welcome! This country isn’t much better than the one you left but oh well. Lazy Americans leave a lot of slack that needs to be picked up. Work hard good people. Make this country your own.

  5. 8
    Jennifer Lee

    Why are so many young men invading into our country??? They look like military soldiers. Every day over 100000 young soldier look like men are invading into our country! We are in danger now!!! Shut down and arrest Biden

  6. 9
    Sharon H. Harris

    I just want to laugh at these people. Acting like all this is new. TWO YEARS AGO, I took photos of the same buses letting off illegal aliens in my town in SC. Y'all think this is new because it's in a big city!?! We Southern States have been having these problems for 2 1/2 years and it's just now getting to you Northern States and NOW it's a problem. And TEXAS IS A STATE IN THE UNITED STATES! Biden was supposed to protect the United States INCLUDING TEXAS AND THE OTHER SOUTHERN STATES. We aren't your red headed stepchild!

  7. 11
    suck this

    You put an embargo on Venezuela they were a Rich country and you starved them and now there coming to visit 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂

  8. 15

    I can't wait for Trump to run office again, cause hella people that crossed the border illegally, will put them back where they came from, the border.

  9. 18

    This is all orchestrated. Somehow these guys are walking hundreds if not a thousand miles, but they all have fresh clothes, shoes and haircuts. None of them look ragged. Somehow they have money to find lodging and food for their massive trek across a country. Anybody believes this nonsense? This is an orchestrated move to flood America and demolish it.

  10. 21

    This administration is destroying our country with it's so called policies. We need Trump back so we can survive and if you don't see it you are part of the problem. Horrible administration and evil people. Trump 2024

  11. 23
    Charlie Ritchel

    I know whats coming. A fight like never before…just to eat and have a safe place to lay your head. The past has come to the future because we allowed it. This is our country and we have forgotten that. I hope you're ready because it's here.

  12. 25

    Of this 1m, how many are criminals? Same answer as the regular people crossing and being asked at least a couple questions. No one knows. However, what really bothers me is what are these people carrying in their bodies disease wise? Malaria, measles, small pox etc have been eradicated in the US for years. How many countries do we have people crossing over from? No one knows. Just wait until some of these diseases pop up in the US. Has the cdc commented on this subject? What steps do we take if and when this shows up? Joey and border czar Kammie have no clue or don’t care. Probably both.

  13. 27

    You get what you Voted for Democrats… Stop Whining

    Thanks to Gov Abbott and DeSantis for sending the illegal migrants to Democratic cities….. Including to VP Harris' home….The border Czar..🤣 Keep sending them to Biden's, Harris' and their Democratic buddy's back yards until BIDEN Closes his Deliberately OPEN Southern Border…. Better get more buses ready…TRUMP 2024.. DeSantis 2028.

  14. 28

    Biden is a Traitor to America and Americans and needs to be impeached… He doesn't care about Americans…. Biden harbours illegal, Drug Smuggling, Criminal Immigrants and lets them invade the USA Willy-Nilly just to buy Migrant's Votes… Wake up True Americans.. It's Simple….Think Long Term…TRUMP 2024…. DeSantis 2028

  15. 31
    Ryan Guzman

    American women vote democrat. Black Americans vote democrat. These two groups are responsible for what is happening. Hope you all are happy.

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