Impact of the migrant crisis on the 2024 election

As the migrant crisis continues to grow in cities like New York, it’s putting new pressure on President Biden’s re-election bid – especially when it comes to fundraising. Julia Ainsley and NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Ischol break it down.
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  1. 1

    What about all the American citizens that are homeless living on the streets?!! Why not look after your own first, surely they are of a higher priority than paying for this lawlessness

  2. 3
    Big P

    All of this dog 💩 coming in and destroying our nation. There's no way to spin the truth; it's very clear: the left is unequivocally responsible for this.

    We took up the 2nd for much less. Or, pack the busses at the border, drive ALL of this dog 💩 into a barn and LOCK all doors, and….

    I'll just shhhh it.

  3. 5
    Deez Nutz

    I have relatives in the Philippines that applied for visas 20 years ago when they were still teenagers. They still don’t have visas but they speak more English than the illegals that snuck across and they would be better able to assimilate into American society. Why do they have to wait longer just because Democrats want to let Latinos cut the line?

  4. 12
    Han Solo

    The money for these migrants comes from your paycheck in the form of Taxes. More money for migrants means less money for you!!!

  5. 27

    Trump will win, he’s got it by a landslide because NOBODY wants illegal aliens in our country!!!! Nice try media but society is onto you💯

  6. 28
    CJ Hernandez

    Skilled laborers and general laborers will lose their jobs to immigrants that will do the exact dem job for minimum wage or less! Let that sink in!

  7. 31
    Cynthia Bemis

    They know biden and he knows that he made a mistake by letting the border wide open and as long as they know that they are going to get free stuff they'll keep coming .

  8. 32
    Wilma Garon

    per 1 commentator in Fox: as a Texas resident, blue state Bad mouth, our Governor. We Texans didn't ask for this. We have been asking for 3 years for help from the federal government. Crickets. Now that this is going elsewhere in the US. Now it's a problem. Do you really think Texas has the resources to provide for 20 millions of illegals on our own? I am calling you out on that statement,. He has to do what the federal government tells him with them. He just spreads the pain across the country since his state can't take them all, we have been dealing with this all our daily life since biden in the office, every crime etc.

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