Hegseth on Columbia’s Teachers College project: ‘Dumber kids’ means easier to control

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Pete Hegseth discusses Randi Weingarten’s participation in the UAW strikes and Columbia quietly closing down its Teachers College project.

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  1. 1
    Erika Veltkamp

    I learned by phonics and quickly became an avid and proficient reader. I’ve taught all my kids to read by phonics and they’re are also great readers. Phonics also help kids to be intuitive to new words and concepts.

  2. 3
    Mo M

    Make Students Smart Again….. dismantle teacher's unions. teachers don't even support it. Just like nurses don't support the nursing union.

  3. 4
    5 flapjacks

    With all the trials and tribulations we get in life, i have found that Jesus brings me comfort in said tribulations. …. Jesus brings us joy and hope, knowing that He removed all of our sins at Calvary. If you need some teaching on the matter, the you tube channel, 'faith cometh by hearing' has a fine teaching series titled, 'change of mind' which helped me understand the matter.

  4. 10
    Heather Hall

    Haven't we ditched the whole word method yet? For hundreds of years, kids were all able to learn to read. Let's go back to those methods in order to go forwards to success.

  5. 12
    Olesya Konovalova

    Many schools in the US had adopted The Logic of English approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. It works! All kids after this program are voracious readers read beyond their age level.

  6. 15
    Scott Williamson

    Copy search Google image is best (copy to enlarge more) Regularly updated list of convicted Republican pedophiles Republican cuts to children by the numbers Republican war on education Republicans cut child health care US child gun deaths vs peer countries US school shootings vs peer countries NRA gun lobby election donations Republican gun ads

  7. 16

    I’ve been saying that for years. Worked with college kids before I retired, they were nice, but I was amazed at what they didn’t know. Their heads were full of liberal garbage, no practical thoughts at all. The stupid are easy to herd like cattle….

  8. 17
    Seanzy W.

    If y'all want to know what's happening, read Un Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.
    But you all probably won't because you really don't want to know where this shit's coming. from.

  9. 20
    Truss monkey

    Dumber kid means more democrat voters. Open borders voters means more democrat voters. Shame on public schools pushing LGBT ideology and gender theory on young children!

  10. 25

    Dumb kids= school, college, student loan, job/ business, pay govt tax without any questions, just follow the crowd without thinking, pay govt again at retirement, and die.

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