Israeli ambassador reacts to being escorted out of UN after protest

Israeli Amb. to the UN, Gilad Erdan, discusses being escorted out of the U.N. by a security officer after holding a protest sign during Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s speech.

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Israeli ambassador reacts to being escorted out of UN after protest

#Israel #UN #UNGA

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  1. 5
    Val Syaranamual

    But nobody says anything about Israel stealing land from the Palestinians.Using bombs ,guns against rock throwing.Admittedly Palestine have some guns and bombs and attack sometimes but Israel want ALL of Palestine.They were given part of Palestine after WW2 but now they want it all!! History keeps repeating itself.

  2. 7
    Shiraz Ismail

    It's high time that Isreal was taught a lesson in manners. Isreal is a liar and wants to poke its nose in other countries when they enslave the Palestinians.

  3. 9
    Marlon Morrison

    😂….pouring very cold water on hot water…..this world is so grossly unfair. The people who killed the Jews in Europe were not the Palestinians. Yet , you love the Germans and hates your Semitic brothers….the Palestinians. One Love….Bob Marley

  4. 11
    Sarkis Blessed

    John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. 13
    Jessika Bat

    Free Palestine!!’ All people of the world should be entitled to liberty and protection of their human rights! It’s simply unavoidable at this late hour to continue to be willfully blind about the apartheid system that Israel is subjecting Palestinians to, and they have been able to do so because they have had our unconditional support in billions of dollars a year, no strings attached, and they have been utilizing it to uphold this brutal system that has committed countless atrocities against the Palestinian people. It’s shameful and hypocritical to continue to ignore this blatant disregard for human rights that we continue to give political cover to, and economic support far beyond anything that we have committed to Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s brutal invasion and occupation.

    We must be morally consistent in condemning those who commit atrocities and violate human rights!

  6. 14
    Inan Sarsour

    He need to look at the history of his government about the atrocities they practice toward the
    Palestinian people from killing imprisonment demolishing maiming apartheid stealing the land chopping their trees and…..and protest about only the wearing the hijab by a woman in Iran…. Interfering in their country laws ;maybe the ambassador need to go back to school and rad more about the history . This is hypocrisy and and double standards act …..wolf in a sheep skin

  7. 16
    Big Bro

    LOL, the Israel ambassador try to potray himself as revolutionist while their hand full of stain by Palestinians blood.

  8. 18
    Don roussy

    what a joke! this guy is calling the kettle black! you want to talk butcher!? how about bibi and the israeli government as the palestinian butcher. so disgusting that MSNBC even has this criminal on TV. just stunning to see this guy saying his propaganda with a straight face. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stone there bud lol

  9. 22
    A U

    Says the embassador of a constitutionless country in the prosess of clearing the obsticals for an extremist far right government to surpress their minorities even further unchallanged. In Isreal. Of all places. You're a fine one to speak, mr embassador.

  10. 23
    Thomas Kaminski

    No country has had any UN solutions against it in the last 60 years, as the apartheid 'state' of Israel. Way past time the democratic West defunds the terror state!

  11. 28
    David Goosen

    This is just all the dog-and-pony show if the truth were told they would be talkin about how the Israelis treat the Palestinians for the last fifty years this guy is a clown!!!!!!!

  12. 31
    Oscar Sommerbo

    I am sorry, but the protest is more than a little cynical given how the Isreali government kneecapped their judicial system. Right-wing authoritarians don't have much standing on calling out other countries, especially when they continue to imprison African migrant, in camps without any due process.
    I am more than a little disappointed in MSNBC, but sadly not surprised.

  13. 35
    amiho gatai

    i is so strange and sureeal to hear tha ambassador of israel accusing a leader of another nation as "the butcher." which is not to say the iranian regime is not atrocious. which conversely, does not mean israel is led by angels. witness how they are doing to palestinians. i'm just saying.

  14. 36
    Eugenio Deister

    The Israeli ambassador to the UN was right to denounce Iran, however someone must denounce Israeli atrocities over the palestinians for the last 73 years, this is also the opinion withinin the Israeli population!!

  15. 37
    Tal Moore

    Unfortunately, many on the extreme Left will likely ignore the Israeli ambassador's protest, because they're so fixated on the plight of the Palestinian Arabs (admittedly, for good reason) that they pretty much despise anything and everything the Israelis do, even if it's something they agree with. The extreme elements on the Left can be just as guilty of tribalism as those on the Right.

  16. 38
    Sibtain Ali

    This is stupidity of Israeli ambassador that acting like stupid But some thugs tried hard to make problems on death of mahasa but I don't understand although they clearly showed reality what happened to her but question is there Israeli terrorists are threating every now and then to Palestinians why it's not so serious!! They killed thousands of innocent people isn't it matter of concern?!

    Israeli Banjamin said once " ישראל תושמד" I agree with that yes soon ישראל תושמד

  17. 47
    Mahmoud Zali

    Child killing terrorist regime of Israel is not qualified to even be in the UN. Kicking this clown out of UN is a beginning for kicking them out of Palestinian occupied lands.

  18. 48
    Terry Mckenzie

    Not denying Irans atrocities. Then why is Israel warming up to Saudi Arabia, who are 10 times worse than Iran. And what about Israel murdering Palestinians each and every day which is not shown in the news. Move those hundreds of thousands of settlers who have moved in, killed the local Arabs, and stole their houses. Jews only. Apartheid state 100%.

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