Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani over laptop

Hunter Biden has sued former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and another attorney over alleged violations of computer fraud and data access related to a laptop computer Biden is said to have left at a Delaware repair shop.

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani over laptop

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  1. 3
    Peter Bird

    It doesn't amaze me the extent that the trump gang of thugs and Wessels would Go to shurk their accountability for their part in all of this like farther like son biggest bunch of crocks this side of the black stump

  2. 4
    Aaron C

    He doesn't really have legal claim to it as he hadn't paid the repair shop and had left it well over a year before they accessed it so he has no legal claim to it anymore than i do at this point. In my opinion Joe biden's family and Donald Trump's family are both corrupt and they should all be in jail and until Americans find a way to get a money out of politics in you will always have a completely corrupt system that favours the wealthy donor class at the expense of the middle class 💯✌🏼

  3. 6
    darryl haynes

    Rudy claims he had the hunter Biden hard drive when the first raided his home with Warrent to seize all electronic storage devices. Come.on rudy.

  4. 8
    Suffocating Shade

    But but but "the laptop isn't real" and uh Hunter said it wasn't his. Hmmm. MSNBC along with the FBI, CIA, Biden, Administration and other biased media platforms themselves also told you that the Laptop wasn't real. It was a conspiracy. Awfully odd to be suing over something you already claimed wasn't yours Hunter and tell me exactly how does one sue over an object that "doesn't exist", MSNBC?

    See how your lies catch up to you and fall apart after you give it some time?

  5. 11

    These f**king politicians ALL NEED FIRED AND START OVER FROM SCRATCH and new rules put in place they have to be voted in and performance based on second term and so on . Giving them a lifetime pass like the dementia riddeled McConnell who can't remember his name is RIDICULOUS and unfair to our population .this is stupid how they act ,, and we pay a salary for these idiots !!!

  6. 12

    WAIT !!!
    52 "Intelligence Officials" Claimed that This Is 'Russian Disinformation" !

  7. 14
    JC Firebrand

    Its a hard drive, thats not as he dropped off at the repair shop. The fact he called Rudy instead of the Biden's first. Or counsel on who can legslly posses it after the 90 days because of WHO IT IS. Sie that googly eyed thief. Dod for monetary gain. And Sue MTG for showing nudes publicly in congress

  8. 18
    L33t Hax0r

    So it really was his laptop and nobody can deny it at this point right? No more "It's russian misinformation" nonsense right MSNBC? It's also not Giuliani's fault that Hunter sent it for repairs and then was so coked out of his mind that he forgot about it

  9. 25

    I am not a lawyer but doesn’t that open up his laptop for discovery? I would think that’s the last thing sleepy Joe and the Dems want.

  10. 30
    Tamme Brown

    The laptop belonged to Hunter. There was nothing manipulated altered or damaged. Hunter himself was on it for all to see and what an incredible man he is. Come on people. 🤣 there was evidence in there and you guys are just trying to cover it up. Sorry …. Rudy is not the one on the computer. It’s Hunter.

  11. 34
    Olivier Bourque

    I do think that RG's defense team might now be able to bring the laptop up as "discovery" evidence. Just guessing, but that could get messy, if so, perhaps?

  12. 37

    Good these 1% owned republican puppets that attempted a coup, need to be held and expose for their crimes against "We The People's" Democracy.

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