How often should you wash your jeans? CNN asks a sustainability fashion expert what the answer is.

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    Quite a few things to consider.

    If you have pets and hay fever, you'll need to wash often
    If you have a dirty job, your clothes will get dirty quickly
    If you have an active job, your clothes will smell quickly
    Cooking certain foods can make your clothes smell

    But yes, JEANS specifically usually can go longer without washing than other clothing.

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    Wash according to the sniff or stiffness test. If they look like you're in them and you're not. They are overdue for a wash. Sniff test is pretty self explanatory. For the noseblind, hang on back porch or clothes line. Air the house. Bring back the jeans, got a "fresh funky or woofie" smell, overdue for a washing. L0L, a clean and tidy person can get 4 or 5 wearing between wash. Do turn wrong side out after buttoning and zipping up. Wash on cold and line dry. Help appearance by hang by leg hems matching in seams. Use two pins. If you have to toss in dryer, add a couple of dry towels to speed up drying time.

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    As long as they aren't covered in grime and dont smell bad I wear mine until one or the other happens… with a dog and kids its usually around a week but sometimes can be longer😅

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    She sound like a stooge for the energy reduction lobby.
    First they suggest lower washing temperstures. Now it’s totally unrealistic opinions on soiling and bacteria build up.
    Welcome back to the 19th century!

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    I'm sorry I don't care about bacterial load. It fucking STINKS to not wash your clothes often enough. Especially stuff that touches crotch/pits directly. Jeans aren't that, admittedly, washing them after every wear is extra, but tshirts and underpants should get washed quite often thank you

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    Here is a study you have to study. People who work.. people who work sweat.. people who lounge about on computers in a clean home or office probably don’t get dirty. You should specify not all jobs are created equal. I went without washing my jeans a week.. just the dead skin cells and sweat created irritation on my skin under the jeans.. if i use the rule.. 3days.. i can make it but i don’t have a job where the material gets heavily soiled. To compare someone spilling mustard in their jeans to someone covered in mag chloride.. it’s apples to oranges on the cleaning issue. Ridiculous. I do want to save the earth but i am not disrespecting the intelligence of people while i would ask them to modify their habits to embrace a future where we all live together in a healthy environment. I might suggest healthier means of cleaning clothes than recommend people become tolerant to philth.. when you add dogs to bed sheets.. esp un housebroken dogs.. then add a public laundry facility.. where the machines might be cleaned monthly.. well.. the intelligent in aseptic technique can see where i’m headed with the baby poop.. the reason we are failing as a human race is because we are desperately trying to propagate & accommodate the lazy.. it isn’t about washing billions of pairs of jeans.. one can go stone wash a pair of jeans and line dry them.. one cannot do that if one cannot get out of bed or off their computer!

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    Finding a favorite pr of jeans, perfect fit, style, etc. Is the Holy Grail of attire. And, literally the worst shopping experiance is the hunt FOR THEM.
    MINE WERE SILVER'S. I very carefully HAND LAUNDER THEM. Inside out. Spot clean for a stain, first. Air dry. Heaters do nicely. Dryers are a NO NO, as far as unnecessary wear.
    Since me and my undies are clean when i wear them, laundry is infrequent, unless some unforeseen environmental accident soils them…when in doubt ALWAYS the sniff test. They should smell like jeans, NOT me.
    Mine are on 10 yrs. A knee is frayed. Mend or patch is the REAL question now…and since indigo is now pale, a new dark pr wouldn't hurt..
    But the hunt for them, will be agony..

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    Hey, no one has to wash their clothes. If you like subjecting others to the odors that emit from them while you’re wearing them, then job well done! I mean, while we’re on the subject, why bother bathing?

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    The denim that people say they don't wash or wash infrequently is not the denim with stretch or other added fibers. Because if you have stretchy jeans and you don't wash them then they're just going to be saggy.

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