House subpoenas James, Hunter Biden in Republican-led probe into president’s family

House Republicans issued subpoenas to Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James Biden and Rob Walker, a Biden family associate. The move comes in an escalation of Republican’s impeachment inquiry into the president. 

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BREAKING: House subpoenas James, Hunter Biden in Republican-led probe into president’s family

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  1. 1

    Hit them with RICO charges and money laundering with the 20 fake companies. Bribery pay for play payments. Tax evasion. Wire Fraud. These are some of the most openly corrupt criminals every to hold office.

  2. 2

    Democrats hate America, this is why they flood OUR country with illegals. Illegals make more in a month then YOU will ever from social security. Democrats want to rule and don’t care about us.

  3. 4

    That check was written on March i, 2018. Biden wasn't even in politics on that date. This was a personal loan between him and his brother just like James Comer's $200,000.00 personal loan between him and his brother. Maybe Congress should start an investigation on every commenter on here because each and every one of you have at one point or another loaned money or repaid money to a relative or a friend. So if Biden is guilty in your eyes, then so are you.

  4. 7

    Hunter and Joe belong in prison. Of course the leftist media like MSDNC won’t tell the truth. Then the House needs to go after the FBI and any and all including the White House press secretary who lies daily.

  5. 17

    Hunter Biden is NOT just a citizen. He is a registered lobbyist. A lobbyist that admitted in open court to accepting money from unregistered foreign investors, one of which being China.

    If heart disease killed nearly three times the amount of people as COVID in 2020 and CONTINUES YEAR AFTER YEAR, I wonder why we haven’t attacked overconsumption, poor quality of food, sedentary lifestyles, etc. Do you think just maybe it’s because big businesses would lose out on profits? Nah… surely not..

    USA Deaths in 2020:
    Heart Disease: 928,741
    Abortion: 620,327
    Cancer: 602,350
    COVID: 350,831
    Suicide: 45,979
    Gun Related (Includes Suicide): 45,222
    Vehicle Accident: 38,824
    Homicide: 21,570
    Hate Crimes: 11,126 Victims (not all died)
    Police Killings: 1,020 (500 white, 250 black, the rest Hispanic, Asian, or other)

    *Some data may slightly vary from source to source.

    But here’s a real news flash: the media is a profit driven business with zero obligation to report anything that goes against the profits or narratives approved by the people paying their bills. Also, lobbying is a very real thing.
    -A corporation gets an average of $750 of our tax dollars for every single dollar they hand a politician.
    -2/3 of congress took money from big pharma in 2020.
    -Seven of the top ten recipients of big pharma money in last year’s elections were democrats.
    -Big pharma is also the number one advertising contributor (where the media makes most of their money.)
    -Last, but certainly not least, our president’s son is the richest lobbyist on earth. Wonder what political connections he maintains to make that money? Hmmm.

    It’s not about left versus right. One man is not nearly as big of “a threat to democracy” as lobbying, which effectively removes the checks and balances in place by swaying all power and media in a particular direction. Corporate power has completely merged with state power: which is also called a fascist state, so it’s more than ironic how you all shout about fascist.

    End lobbying and you’ll see a better world. You’ll see a kinder world. As long as emergencies are profitable, they’ll keep creating them and naive people will keep hating because of manipulating beliefs.

  6. 19

    More nonsensical shenanigans by the GOP. This is what GOP does when they dont have real work to do, like passing legislation n funding for America.

  7. 21

    MSDNC, your man is going down due to his blatant, corrupt, treasonous influence peddling, money laundering schemes. So now we know how Joe paid $2.7 cash for his beach house!!!!!!!!!!!! Send him to prison. Trump 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 27

    NOW bring James Comer in to the house against his own family and go on trial NOW
    Republicans read this
    Going on so Okay bring COMER in NOW on his businesses NOW immediately Republicians Democratics and Independents and Young Seasoned and Elderly PPL do it NOW bring comer in about his 200,000.00 deal he has going on I heard too hi family investigate

  9. 31

    ALL THIS IS MUTE~!!~Because Trump as President of the US said to China, "Find any kind of dirt and corruption on Sen. Biden and his family". More than one time Trump called out to China, so, what is China to do?

    Trump called on China to entrap Biden and or his sons.

  10. 32

    President Biden and brother James were private citizen's in 2018. The president and first lady started the charitable Biden Foundation and the Beau Biden cancer Foundation in 2017. President Biden ended these foundations in 2019 in preparation to run for president in 2020. So we should prepare for another clown show in the GOP House led by Comer and the other nut jobs on this committee…Just sayin'

  11. 36

    (R)James is also going to be subpoenaed. For his money give always…Because he also gave money to his brother one was the same amount as President Biden and another much less than that. So basically let it all hit the table. If President Biden can’t give to his family. Than James should not either. Now this is getting hood. Dems don’t let him off the hook. He is out of the kennel get him.

  12. 38

    We have a government shutdown looming and this is what these despicable Republicans are focusing on! Thanks to all the idiots who voted these morons into office.

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