Here’s what matters to voters replacing George Santos

CNN correspondent Shimon Prokupecz is in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, talking to the voters who will replace ousted congressman George Santos in a special election.

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  1. 3

    Many of those people will turn around and vote for Trump. So they have no common sense.
    Trump scrapped the border bill which would have handled the border.
    Trump is the reason that abortion is illegal all over the Country.
    Trump intends to be a Dictator, which means all Rights will be taken away

  2. 5

    Now I heard those illegal people can be counted towards the state’s electoral count this is bullcrap they are not American citizens just another crap the democrats are pushing on our citizens

  3. 8

    People are ridiculous about wanting to secure the borders. As long as Melania Trump walks in America, I don't want to hear shit about securing the borders.

  4. 15

    Its common sense people. If Trump failed spectacularly at at fixing the border crisis the first time (after talking ALL that crap about a wall we all KNEW would not work) then why in the world would you believe he could do it now that he's less knowledgeable, less grounded in reality, and angrier then ever before??? TRUMP WILL DO NOTHING FOR THE COMMON AMERICAN. HE WILL ONLY HELP THE WEALTHY, THE CORPORATIONS, AND THE GUN MANUFACTURERS. Don't make our country worse. Don't raise the homicide rate. Don't raise the national depression level. Don't make the USA an international joke again.

  5. 16

    The amount of anti-immigrant people with immigrant parents in this country is frkn shameful. You want to be despicable, go ahead. But don't be stupid. You all saw the Republicans NOT vote to fix the border. They want power. They don't want to stop the less educated, low wage earning working class from coming in. #VOTEBLUE

  6. 17

    I was going to joke about the pro choice guy being one of the assasin twins from the Matrix, but there were 3 superior comparisons in the comments that had me crying: Geralt of Rivia, Legalos, and Thranduil (The ElfKing)…well-played, gentlemen. Well-played.

  7. 19

    Trump is making the border problem an issue now but didn’t do anything to solve it during his term. In fact they don’t want to pass the bill in border security. Republicans are making a mess of this country. Since Trump came to office, America is going down. Biden administration is doing all they can do to get the economy going. No political unrest not like Trump who is dividing this great nation.

  8. 22

    If George Santos was Democrat he’d still be in congress. Republicans; Dems hood winked you again! Other squad members should also be gone, setting off fire alarms to disrupt congress for starters, but he is still thriving. Not standing up for terrorists against Israel and still thriving. Not living up to your oath of office, etc. etc.

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