Dagen McDowell: This doesn’t make any sense

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., joins ‘The Bottom Line’ to discuss President Biden’s handling of growing tensions in the Middle East.

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  1. 10

    Here’s the thing when we watched the Iraq war we saw all the attacks the smart bombs, tanks rolling etc this administration has fudged numbers on every front I don’t believe they are striking the Middle East just political theater

  2. 18

    PLEASE!!! Someone at Fox ask Biden why as Commander of the military why HE did not Salute!!! the flag as it passes draped in Respect for fallen soldiers. No respect for USA or the military.

  3. 19

    I want to know exactly what in God's name is going on in my country right now? This is pure madness that we are witnessing right now, we are watching a lawless government on real-time display, and our foreign affairs on the world stage are a complete joke as we continue to not only allow them to attack our service members, but we fund them to do so. This is like going to bed one night and waking up the next day and realizing that I no longer live in the same country as the day before, now it's more like the Twilight Zone and that's no joke. I have seen democrat run cities falling apart due to their no-bail policies, allowing criminals to run free, the homeless people have more rights than law-abiding citizens. and who could forget the massive illegals overrunning our cities and towns using up our resources that were supposed to be a SafetyNet for our United States citizens, our health care is overwhelmed , our schools are overwhelmed , there is hardly enough houses for our citizens let alone for the millions that this administration has allowed in and now they get to beat up our men and women in blue without any punishment what so ever. What happened to my country, where did it go?

  4. 20

    Woman, when a man is talking you better get some ice. Period. Do I make myself crystal 🔮 clear because when even Saint Gerard has enough, our lady of sorrow ain't that far off. So you better tell all those "owls" that owe the Jaguars an apology, to start gravening because the Jaguars give to the "owl 🦉". So I make my self clear on that or do I have to betray the beloved saint of our lady of sorrow to get that point ☝️ a cross ❌, ✅.

    Redd herring Counter intelligence. "Who" didnt do your hair correctly?

  5. 21

    Dagen McDowell is my absolute favorite! 😍 I could watch and listen to her read the dictionary. Her and maybe Gutfeild are the only reaon I would watch Fox news. Of course I dont since Tucker left…..

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