Emergency childcare funding set to expire at end of the month

The emergency childcare funding Congress allocated during the pandemic is set to expire at the end of the month. Forbes’ Maggie McGrath and Huma Abedin discuss.

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Emergency childcare funding set to expire at end of the month

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  1. 3
    Matthew Lewis

    This is what the Republicans want, to control women, they think that women should be controlled and how's the best way to do that, burden them with having to look after the children all day every day. At home and in the kitchen waiting for the man to return from work.

  2. 5
    mike fobear

    Re: child poverty…The child Tax Credit Bill was enacted in 1997 with bipartisan support. Biden passed the American rescue plan in 2021 without any GOP votes. No GOP politicians would vote for its continuation. FOX news is blaming Biden?

  3. 8
    Taco Don

    I didn’t choose for them to have their kids so why is it that my tax dollars are paying for them if you can’t afford to pay your bills you shouldn’t be making babies

  4. 12
    Karen Swan

    Yeah – those republicans are defending children, right?!
    Republicans would rather see a living child starve, and be left in unsafe situations, while their parents cannot afford child care.

  5. 14

    They honestly don’t care about us. Just their corporate sponsors.

    Cable news will lie or bend the truth for campaign ad money.

    We take the L over and over.

  6. 15

    Hate to tell all the Russian Bots talking about how "Ukraine is taking all the money!" BS. We have given .2 percent of our yearly federal budget to Ukraine. Enjoy russia Ivan….

  7. 16
    Evelyn Okay

    Capitalism is so goated. Instead of worrying about child hunger or family income, we should worry more about work force and the poor ceos who will lose employees

  8. 17
    Marjorie S

    Another blow to women…..now we can't control our bodies and we can't go to work with no child care? So should women just sit in their cars with their children with no where to live and no food with no income?

  9. 19
    Marie Garside

    Make childcare unaffordable while demanding both parents work full time.
    I cannot tell you how upsetting this news is.
    I joined the women's movement in the 1970's due to two issues. 1. Violence against women and children. 2. The need for affordable, accessible childcare.
    We can not get the Violence Against Women Act re passed. Accessible, affordable childcare remains a big issue.

  10. 20
    Greeley Miklashek

    A real blessing for Mother Nature. Too many humans are using too many natural resources and producing too much pollution. Apparently, well heeled Mika is oblivious to our dying world, into which we push 360,000 more innocent children EVERY DAY, 50% of whom are unwanted/unplanned and the obvious source of the mass migrations we are seeing worldwide. WAKE THE HECK UP, DEAR MIKA!

  11. 22
    Jenny Thomas

    What is sickening to me is These Pro Lifers say they want to save the unborn, Yet they want to cut off Programs, Like child care, food stamps , Welfare, & free schooling . They are a lying Pack of Liars. . They want to make big business from the Unwanted babies. with adoption agency's . & other things.
    Oh & don't forget Housing for the poor little things

  12. 24
    Yvonne Gooldy

    Concerned corporations should maybe pay their fair share and federal taxes to offset federal assistance as childcare costs go up and create childcare funds in their corporate culture.

  13. 27

    US states with a child poverty rate of 20% or higher? The Republican-led states of Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina where legislatures have not raised minimum wage above the federal $7.25 an hour.

  14. 29
    Neon Dystopia

    You could always take some of the money you would send Ukraine to fund the program. Lol, who am I kidding? Ukraine is way more important than your kids!

  15. 39
    Saving Democracy

    "I'd rather be born FIRST, and shot at
    later, rather than the other way around.
    Please inform my mother, she's
    supposed to protect me"

    — unborn girl —

  16. 40

    Meanwhile democrats are letting people across the border with kids to live for free and giving money to ukraine to take of their people

  17. 41
    Bobby G

    As a war monger. I get a particular gratifying feeling when I send my US hard earned taxpayer money to one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. At least I know there's no accountability on that money. And that my hard earned taxpayer money is being allocated to their war and humanitarian efforts? I also, am very pleased as a War Monger to know that America will be more than likely on the cleanup project, and rebuilding Ukraine's infrastructure, like usual… That's if my War Monger mentality doesn't start a nuclear war, which will warm up the globe in a jiffy from thermal nuclear heat. Also, I guess if I was super rich, I'd know my legacy is now in the history books, that were left for no one to read.

  18. 42

    Republican: "Think of the cHilDREN!!!"
    normal American: "You mean by helping them stay out of poverty and have food to eat?"
    Republican: "Not THOSE children…."

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