Biden can ‘be president of the world’ at UNGA amid absences ‘if he handles the moment appropriately’

President Joe Biden tackles a number of top foreign policy priorities for the U.S. and allies at the UN General Assembly, highlighting the importance of democracy on the world stage. Peter Alexander and Sabrina Siddiqui join Andrea Mitchell to discuss more about how Biden tried to reassert himself as a world leader. “The President recognizes the need for a collective effort not just on the issue of Ukraine, but on so many other issues,” Alexander says. “The leaders of Russia, China, France, and the UK are all absent this year which, in the words of the advisors, allows President Biden, if he handles the moment appropriately, to be the president of the world. To really make this case on behalf of the world.”

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Biden can ‘be president of the world’ at UNGA amid absences ‘if he handles the moment appropriately’

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  1. 2

    I am no trump supporter but surely it would be better if democrats found a more mentally alert younger candidate without influence peddling scandals dragging him down.

  2. 6
    Gino Perretta

    good news outlets are showing all the mistakes the corrupt old jacka$$ made during his speech, I won't watch this video, but I bet these clowns won't show much of his "speech"

  3. 7
    Smooth Sailing

    His handlers do all the handling for him .He can barely handle the teleprompter at times.He has obvious health issues and the MSM are deluded by continually ignoring the fact.

  4. 11

    MSNBC get real about Biden. He is a lame duck President. By supporting Biden you are going to go down with him like a sinking ship.

  5. 16
    Mandy Harewood

    Nobody sees you as a world leader except some in Europe! Stop fooling yourselves! Did you not listen to any of the other leaders speak? You are a basket case since 2016 and your foreign policy has always been diabolical! God, you are arrogant!

  6. 19
    Schrodinger's PussyCat in Box

    The World forgets Zelensky did not know if Biden was RUNNING, or be the President! He easily could have
    obliged & do what Trump wanted, go home & announce a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. He was too
    honest! And would ignore Trump, over some American who could not possibly help his nation. Our GOP is nuts!

  7. 28

    What in the world! No country respects President Biden and his administration and yet MSNBC thinks he can somehow get the entire worlds respect?!?!?!?!? Wow 😂

  8. 32

    In the early 1970s, Biden lived in a home with a racially restricted deed
    Biden has bragged about working with segregationists and racists, praising his relationships with them

    Biden eulogized multiple segregationists, including Strom Thurmond and former KKK member Robert Byrd
    As recently as last year, Biden bragged about his positive relationship with segregationist Senators like James Eastland and Herman Talmadge
    In 1987, Biden bragged about receiving an award from Alabama Governor George Wallace
    In 1975, Biden said the Democrats needed a "liberal George Wallace, someone who's not afraid to stand up and offend people"

  9. 33

    Godbless Chrisian Russia Fun Fact: It was Russia who saved The Union during the American Civil War as they sent their Navy to San Francisco and New York when England and France were just about to enter the war on the side of the Confederates since London created the Confederates. France was already in Mexico making a spear head movement to resupply the Confederates and to open up a Pacific Theatre and to create a port in California. England already amassed 11,000 troops and growing stationed at their Northern Confederacies border now called Canada ready to open a Northern Theatre to divert Union troops from their Southern Confederacy then to attack The Unions naval blockade. The Union would have been completely destroyed and annexed by those two great powers leaving the Confederates to exist as a puppet state of London.

    London was already courting (threatening/bribing) other countries to get involved like Spain while Russia was in talks with Prussia to ally with incase London was to intervene.

    Seeing all of this Tsar Alexander II wrote a letter to Queen Victoria saying “If you enter in this war it will be a casus belli for all out war with the Russian Empire”. The stage was set for the 1st World War and Russia stopped it. So as American Christian I thank you Russia.

  10. 36
    JVS 3

    Laughable nonsense that any one country’s president can be president of the world. A U.S. president would be the last one the world would want. The warmongering criminal nation of the world is the U.S.

  11. 38
    S Tho

    There are two ways to be fooled:
    1) believing things that are not true.
    2) refusing to believe things that are true.

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