Trooper dragged as driver flees traffic stop

Dash camera footage shows a trooper being dragged after a man drove away from a traffic stop in Brockton, Massachusetts. According to officials, the driver is now in custody. The trooper suffered minor injuries.

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  1. 3
    Jose Joven

    How to turn a misdemeanor possible felony into a aggravated assault on law enforcement official felony. Making a bad situation way worse.

  2. 9
    Frederich Caetano

    driver forced to flee for his life as 2 troopers attack him in his own private domicile for no apparent reason. both officers got promoted for attempted murder

  3. 12

    Stop the vehicle with the towing hook and ask driver hand out the car ignition key from now on before check the driver id and other travel credentials paper

  4. 13
    Paul Statz

    Gee you don't think somebody will claim back injuries and get a settlement plus retire with a full pension Who is the attorney that always gets the huge payouts?

  5. 15

    No, no, no. No one should ever treat another person like this. That suspect is heartless beyond description. If this were the other way around, you know the cop would be fired, and most likely, go to jail.

  6. 34

    No no no…the driver didn't force him to be dragged…The cop forced himself into the driver…so no the driver didn't drag him…he just gave a ride to unwanted car jacker.

  7. 35
    Devin Jai

    Officer was too comfortable with driver… don’t think the driver was POC due to lack of hostility and guns not drawn…mayb treat everyone with the same level of hostility one gives POC cuz they get shot in these situations with civilians around or not…there’s a lot of data out there to support this claim too, crazy he just got caught lacking like that πŸ˜…

  8. 37
    Pamela Scott

    Hey!!!Wow!!! The Lord was looking after that cop. He surely was!!!!! Hope he doin ok!!!!!❀❀❀❀😊😊😊

  9. 42
    Adog Romlobsitmomus

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  10. 46
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