The border is ‘CHAOS’ #shorts

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, discusses the flood of migrants at the border.

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  1. 13
    Anais HG

    And it WILL get worse and worse as the 2024 presidential election gets closer as they expect their chances to be able to cross diminish exponentially. It’s going to be like something we’ve never seen before. Without someone like Trump, we will lose the America as we know it. Walk down New York City to get a view of our entire country’s near future with continued blue voting

  2. 14
    Melinda Kwiatkowski

    Joe Biden eventually will have the illegal immigrants voting DEMOCRAT; they all owe him for their newfound FREEDOM. The master plan is to make America a Democratic country. Power, Control, and one world order is all they care about. Water running through their veins!!!

  3. 16
    Super Dave

    Thanks to Barry Soetoro, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, all 130,000,000 citizens of Mexico now live in the United States of America!

  4. 18
    Yolunda Rivers

    If the if the leadership don't have a problem with what they're doing and they think it's right what they're doing then why is everyone else so stirred up by what is going on whatever is wrong is being done it will be made right and every lie the only thing that wins is what's right and the truth so people stay focused on what really needs to be focused on don't focus on the small things pray and fast and cover yourself in the blood of Jesus vengeance is the Lord he shall repay our enemies in Jesus name Amen

  5. 19
    ben Gherasim

    and to think that 33% of Americans think burdenous biden is going a great job and that the whole DNC party keeps supporting him rather than distance the party away from him and let him fall on his sword come election time by choosing a replacement or fail altogether

  6. 20
    Nancy Jo Almond

    Same news everyday.. all the world, news and Social media does, and the Government does nothing, except adds to the problem.Those who hate America should leave instead of destory our USA. Who is going to help America? We help everyone but our own Country, our own people,..wake up people, talk is cheap, same thing everyday, no one is doing a thing to talk about Socialism, we're there, we've been sold out..Our Country is being taken away from us? Who in our Government is going to take action, already wasting time..we need action..we need our FREEDOM BACK. We are being overloaded with all these people coming in. Not against them being here..we just need law, order and proper entry with legal documentation. It's like letting a child off the bus in another city, not knowing where to go or what to do. its not right for them either, to be treated like that and it's not right for us to not know anything about them not knowing or having proper Identification on them, we don't know their history. we need a background check. There needs to be a procedure and a place for them before they get here and it be done legally and timely. it's a mess. our world leaders are acting like they are still in High school running for Class President.
    we need new, Godly, intelligent, moral candidates in office for 2024. Not the Mod Squad. I have nothing against leaders or people it's just Noone knows law and order and most have a Lawyers Degree. it's about money, money, I, I, in this crazy world.

  7. 23
    Denver Fowler

    "' N 0 SENATOR "' ,
    "' YOU ASK YOURSELVES "' ? ?

    Wm . Denver Fowler

  8. 25
    R Ramos

    Every politician is responsible for doing nothing but talk and allowing this to continue so that we the American people continue to suffer and fetch for ourselves!

  9. 29
    Taffy Kins

    Biden Admin is to busy creating bogus unneeded agencies taxpayers dont want, need, or can afford. Biden doesn't care about citizens of the US. He doesn't seem to understand the problems he created or how much danger he has put EVERYONE in. Biden serves Biden.

  10. 30

    No one seems to get it, they want millions of people to come in, they will give them amnesty, and allow them to vote, and now they have millions of new Democrats.

  11. 32
    Mary Buford

    Detroit needs rebuilding at minimum wage. They said they want to work. They can choose a burned out place and rebuild for their dwelling. Jeb bush idea. Welcome to paradise …

  12. 36
    canada pharmacy

    Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your website is very useful. Thank you for sharing!

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