Jon Meacham: What worries me most is what Trump says when he isn’t confused

Former President Trump on social media said he would investigate Comcast, parent company for NBC and MSNBC, if he is elected, saying it “will be thoroughly scrutinized for their knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events.” The Morning Joe panel reacts to Trump’s remarks.

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Jon Meacham: What worries me most is what Trump says when he isn’t confused

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  1. 1

    Just remember, if they impeach Biden we gonna do the same thing to Trump when he get's re-elected. Like the saying goes, "What goes around comes around."

  2. 2
    beer shits

    Trump doesn't matter he will be dead soon look how unhealthy he is and demented he looks it is his supporters who are the real threat they aren't going anywhere and they aren't going to get educated anytime soon

  3. 9
    Mikey Doe

    I hope, and I'm excited to watch Trump take the oath of office in Jan 2025. That will be the start of another 4 year golden age for the country (and world)

  4. 12
    Kevin Lawrence

    This country needs to ELIMINATE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!!! The idea that irrational white supremacists in Arizona or Wisconsin or Florida get to thwart the will of majorities in rational, pro-democracy states like California or New York is just absolutely STUPID.

  5. 13
    Joey d. Staats

    The entire experiment was a risk the moment Biden took office and decided not to immediately prosecute Trump for trying to steal thr election or asking Trump to give back docs FOR A WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR at which time hw sold some Herr and there to other countries, spies infiltrated , or rather were invited in while docs were stores there. It's an abject failure on democrats part thst they didn't address it immediately.

  6. 14
    Vivian Benge

    Legally cornered Trump pretending to be experiencing the onset of dementia would be funny. He is running out of tactics that might keep him out of prison.

  7. 15
    ProgFu ProgFu

    Really Joe , Trump has nothing to lose , he was always going to use the health defense in some way as a plea for leniency. He gets high as a kite , rambles on , can't keep his thoughts straight and it works for him.
    He does not have a following of the best and the brightest , facts don't matter and he has you saying he is confused .
    He is playing you , that you aren't relentlessly saying such is concerning.

  8. 16
    Groucho Marxist

    Jeez Joe, your guest is a respected historian and an excellent communicator, but you filibustered so long, Mr. Meachum lost his place. Leave some air for others.

  9. 17
    Gnirol Namlerf

    Wanna know who would have destroyed Donald Trump in a debate? You all know. Ronald Wilson Reagan. And while he was eviscerating him and his Grade Z lounge act, there would have been a folksy smile on his face the whole time. Trump wouldn't have known what hit him.

  10. 20
    girl from the bronx by way of el barrio

    Pay attention to history. Please pay attention to history. Take things seriously, and make voting plans now. Organize the voter registration drives, the carpools for neighbors to ballot locations, update government ID if necessary, stock up on extra bottles of water, all of it. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the candidates up and down the ballot. Do you know the people in local elections? Do they volunteer at the local public library? Do they participate in the community health fair and the fundraising run? Do they show up at community council meetings? No more George Santos! If this person has not done anything for your neighborhood, why are you voting for them? This is not a game, this is our nation. 🗽💙🌊🗽

  11. 22
    DJ North

    Would be foolish to say it doesn't matter to me, living in Europe, who is in charge in USA. Already in a very few years the populism and extreme opposite views between parties have landed on our shores and rooted in deep. It definitely was underneath somewhere but the rise of trumpism had it rise its head.

    It's very difficult to understand how trump can do and say what he does, and just keep going, be supported in such huge numbers. It feels dangerous honestly to have so many people blind, evil or stupid enough to go along with trumpism. To have high ranking people back him up, go beyond to buff that seemingly obvious (to me) idiocy.

    I might be concerned about Russia and Putin shooting nukes into Ukraine and such. But trump might be worse.

  12. 24
    Sue Benko

    What's bigger than a 2024 blue tsunami?
    Every post I watch only reinforces how bad the republicans will do next year, in my opinion.

  13. 26
    Barry William

    I am so tired of certain news media, as well as political party messaging to media, of their representative roles and observations, as being a harmless spectator sport…

    This is the elephant (sic) in the room.

    Thank you Joe.
    For calling out the nazism.

  14. 30
    edward williams

    This has nothing to do with D.Trump….this is somethng that reflects onto the intelligence of the American voting public. If the overall population is this vapid and brain dead to fail for anything coming out of this man's mouth. Lord,help us. The Virus the simple minds of the American people…T Rump is just the illness.

  15. 38
    Tom Boughan

    My grandfather lived in Pyongyang as a journalist. When Kim Jung Il took over North Korea in 1945, he arrested and probably shot my grandfather in middle of the night and my Mom and family left to Bridge of No Return. Kim called my grandfather an enemy of the State. I fear that is direction Trump will lead us once he returns as president of US.

  16. 39
    Jon Jubal

    Trump wanting to investigate Comcast is soooo hypocritical when Fox news it the world leader in distorting reality and lying to voters. Trump's statements are total garbage.

  17. 40

    The "citizens" who are behind this person have absolutely no capacity to critically analyze what he is saying- or anything else.

  18. 45
    Shari Bigay

    That's one thing I don't understand, I'm told the electoral college gives everyone an equal voice. But the we constantly hear people say that today's presidential elections, basicly come down to a small amount of voters in about 5 states. What about the votes of the majority in the other 45 states? Don't our votes count? Also doesn't the fact that no other country in the world has an electoral college tell us something? What happened to majority rules? And maybe if we got rid of it the Republicans would have to come up with actual policies, and ideas that would help America, instead of just being the party of hate and fear and owning the libs. Just a thought.

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