See what Eric Trump said about his father’s financial statements in court

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Amer’s examination of Eric Trump grew tense as the son of former President Donald Trump grew visibly agitated when pressed about his understanding of his father’s financial statements that were used to support real estate transactions. CNN’s Brynn Gingras reports. #CNN #News

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    The world owes Humpty Trumpty and his 2 moronic sons a living—People who will say anything—do anything and behave what ever way it takes to make themselves look better

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    I know Eric's tied up atm but we all know he's been on the jet it's well documented. The only question is how many times? If his Dad was indoctrinating him to the ways of Epstein at the ripe age of 11 how do we know that their moldy bond hasn't festered into something really dark? If it was found that someone in my town's dad was on the jet he'd be in jail by the next morning. Quit prosecuting these rats for minor violations as a distraction

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    When I was younger I was locked up and sent to prison at early for burglary charges something I'm not proud of being in dairy created a lot of mental health issues I do not know Mr Trump or his kids and I wish y'all well I really don't know the situation but I was telling y'all please do not piss the government off that's the last thing you want to do

  4. 22

    These AG`s and judges are shamefully on display for actions they have shown.
    Halay is a joke along with DeSantis. This is not a game, open your eyes TRUMP IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

  5. 24

    What the Democrats are doing to President Trump clearly shows us that this is a brutal unlawful persecution of political opponents. This is a very disgraceful act on the part of the Democrats. This whole circus against President Trump reminds me of how the KGB fabricated crimes against my father and falsely accused him of it. My father fought against the inhumane actions of the KGB and for the freedom of the Christian faith, and for this the KGB put my father in a top-secret mental prison, where they experimented with drugs on him for 7 years. Read my book by Galina Andreyev, “KGB Persecuted Christians”
    May God bless and be with President Trump. God loves truth because He is Truth.
    Democrats will not succeed because they are pursuing a path that is malicious and untruthful. And their evil deeds will soon be revealed to the world, just as God revealed evil deeds of the KGB. The Democrats will fall just as quickly as the Soviet Union did, because that empire was evil and was based on lies and torturing people, just like the Democrats are doing today. Shame on Biden.
    God, please have mercy on us!

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