Russia expert says this Putin-Kim meeting could be ‘uncharted territory’

Former CNN Moscow Bureau Chief Jill Dougherty says a Russian trade in advanced technology for munitions would be of “grave concern” to other countries around the world.
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    José Augusto Figueiredo

    An American plane made an approach maneuver in northwestern Russian territory, but a MiG-31 thwarted the action and followed it out, reports Russian Defense.
    A US Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft approached the Russian border in the Barents Sea, but a MiG-31 fighter jet flew to the scene to prevent violation of the Russian border, the Ministry of Defense said on Monday (18) from Russia.

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    miss understood

    I dont know why all you looney libs cant go over to Ukraine and fight in the front lines. That would be the noble thing to do. Would love to see you volunteer for that. Take a few of those MRNA shots while your at it.

  3. 6
    eymeera osaka

    I find it amazing the world is still oblivious to the fact that we are now on the cusp of WWIII. As the US continues to build military alliances to encircle Russia and China, the later are now doing the same. The way I see it both sides are now preparing for war but Russia /China are more prepared because they take the threat more seriously than the US/NATO. US/NATO escalating provocation is to show Russia/China they are in a position of strength and hopefully the latter will back down from any confrontation. But Russia/China perceive this threat to be existential……A very dangerous conundrum indeed for the rest of the world…..

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    Ken L

    Wow the dems have some brains. Putin and Kim is uncharted territory. There is one thing that is inevitable. The left will never be trusted again to lead the country. I am glad that we suffered so much under the current administration or lack thereof. So the people of our country now know just how incapable democrats are. Thank you Biden and Harris for being the guinea pigs of failure for our nation. Trump will make our country great again, in Jesus' name….Amen!!!

  5. 10
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    History! From Grande! Magnanimous and victorious Russian nation, over would-be global dominators. England should give them greetings and not cause problems for Russia, because if Russia had not defeated Moscow in 1942, perhaps England would be the one who would be hit with a nuclear bomb in the face. Or were England playing a double game?

    The West was unable to isolate Russia because it had many friends around the world

  6. 11
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    If there is proven smuggling of gold and precious stones, then there is smuggling of oil from Brazil.
    The USA harmed Petrobras by transforming pre-salt into a colonial exploration regime.

  7. 12
    London Budget Gardner (£5)

    USA caught flat footed
    North Korea needs cash, foodstuffs and consumer goods.
    North Korea doesn’t need rocketry or nuclear materials.
    North Korea has suffered under embargo.
    All ships rise with the rising tide.
    (…not taking sides)

  8. 15
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    I am as communist as the American and English businessmen, bankers and investors, who took refuge in communist China, so as not to have to pay the American debt. I don't want to pay either!

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    redmustang04 redmustang04

    That's how you know Ukraine is taking it to Russia when Russia asking North Korea for weapons and equipment. When you lose 5 to 15 tanks plus 20 to 35 artillery pieces a day. That all adds up. You can't replace that easily nor can you refurbish tanks and artillery that have been sitting out there 10 to 10 plus years without constant maintenance. Ukraine is doing their job.

  10. 17
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    It had to be in the United Kingdom of the Northern Thieves!
    Syria celebrates return of ancient 4th-century artefact from the UK to its homeland
    "The return of the Syrian artifacts was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the National Museum of Oman, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of Syria and the Russian Hermitage museum"
    "This return of a Syrian artifact has a symbolic meaning: the victory of truth over falsehood, of civilization over barbarism"

  11. 20
    Dino Zepol

    CNN/FNN generates another story colluding with US intelligence in reporting Putin's & Kim Jung Un meeting. So what! CNN/FNN is not reporting but spewing propaganda against President Putin referring to Putin as a dictator. President Putin was elected by Russians, and has about an 89% approval rating with The Russian People. On the flip side, what if RT(Russian Today) were reporting on Biden, the bandit who stole the election from Trump! CNN/FNN needs to go back to Journalism School 101 and relearn how to report news not generate false narratives, constructs and imposing an agenda heavy propaganda on your platform designed to sway your viewers perceptions!

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