Police: Homeowner fired shots at escaped inmate

Police say escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante entered a homeowner’s garage in Pennsylvania and stole a rifle.

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  1. 10

    Yall need to stfu. The only thing the owner did wrong was miss. Locks only keep honest people honest. You know how many stolen guns on the black market were locked up? Bunch of clowns.

  2. 12
    It’s time

    Who’s going to be held responsible for this guy escaping all the money the taxpayers have to pay because some idiot working for the government dropped the ball who’s gonna pay if you heard somebody who’s gonna be responsible

  3. 15

    Come on people you should already know that if we get woken up in the middle of the night we’re supposed to run to our hidden location, where we keep our self defense weapon locked up and secure. You may have to ignore screams of terror as you finally get ahold of your weapon, but casualties should be expected seeing as how long it takes to finally be able to defend yourself.

  4. 17

    CNN doing NRA ads now ? This idiot lives in the area of an escape convict, has a gun sitting around easy to grab, fires a pistol with what we can only imagine as a backstop and misses.

  5. 19

    Who leaves a weapon just leaning Against the wall in the garage. And I can't believe that he was in the garage when the guy took the weapon. Reporting is so sketchy nowadays

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