Phillip presses Gaetz on Biden impeachment evidence

CNN’s Abby Phillip presses Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) about what evidence there is to open an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. So far, there has been no direct evidence linking Biden to any illegal activity, and several House Republicans oppose opening an impeachment inquiry.

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  1. 1
    Reggie Terry

    Matt is a sick hick. All 7 of the Republicans witness in the congressional hearing Thursday said Joe Biden was not involved in hunter Bidens business dealings

  2. 3

    Hunter was hired by burisma for no other reason than his connection to joe. Joe then called into meetings met with partners and ended up personally firing the investigator actively investigating the company. There’s not enough evidence for a criminal conviction but as a democrat if you don’t care about this ur a trump deranged ideologue.

  3. 4

    He literally just said some of the evidence. This is just like the mostly peaceful protest when the background was up in flames🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. 8
    Deborah Eichelberger

    ok, Matt let's talk about YOUR penchant for young underage girls and showing inappropriate photos of them on the House floor. Ur buddy nailed you dead to rights because he witnessed YOU having intercourse with them. THT WAS UNIMPEACHABLE EVIDENCE.

    So, you casting dispersion with the flimsy evidence against Biden…

  5. 9

    The Only Problem I Have With This CNN Host And The Other's, Is… They Don't ADDRESS JOE As "PRESIDENT" JOE BIDEN When Applicable ENOUGH… They Wanna Keep Given The Floor To INNSURECTIONIST CLOWNS and Those That Support Them.

  6. 16
    Tony B

    Mr Gaetz it's amazing how you can see crimes in what Biden is doing yet you can't see any crimes in what Trump is doing.Perhaps he helped you out when you had difficulty yourself and you feel subservient to him

  7. 18
    Michael Ford

    She will see soon enough that he was complicit and profited while in office. This smug anchor has the truth coming to her soon! Has she not looked at any of the info regarding bank accounts and she’ll companies. Oh and 20% for the big guy? I guess Hunter must have an overweight business partner or Joe is the big man!

  8. 19
    Rusty Barn

    She’s right ! as a conservative voter I hate too admit that . I believe y’all have the evidence and y’all the votes however ; y’all pussy-foot around in the deep-state so much y’all’ve gotten rotten. It’s a house-of-cards that all y’all ACT to. Hoping to get DIRT on opponent or comrade to advance SWOMP agenda. I would have had Joe Biden ARRESTED the same day He bragged about BLACKMAILING the UKRAINES with 1B dollars of USA tax-money. Kamala Harris , would be charged with conspiracy if she tried pardoning. I think Biden needs to be arrested with no bail. Hunter is waiting till DAD dies so he can blame it all on him. Y’all are the same : hoping he dies so yer not going against the SWAMP you’ve grown to love. Nancy conspired with FED. to create Jan. 6. Chuck Schumer is a cross-dresser spouting pledges for riots with Maxine Waters. Hillary Clinton at Benghazi ; Facilitates 20k stolen missiles slip past the distraction check her data back up. She’s not gonna loose any of that DIRT she’s collected. Y’all go along to get along. She’s the Queen of outsourcing. AND , she has never had sex with Donald Trump , even though they went to the same orgies. Adam Shift should be shot. Kevin McCarthy is a showboater. Like Gavin Nuisance Newson. I thought it be strange McCarthy cried foul every vote till he won. I feel Comer is showboating too. “ We The People “ see a storm brewing and y’all are rocking the boat with all that rhetoric. Speeches : Y’all talk and announce with each other , but never talk to The People — Like Trump does. !!!: “ We The People “ , yer fucking bosses , Are getting tired of smelling shit coming from the SWAMP. To drain a swamp ya have to use a giant VACUUM which blows into a pile separating the sand from the water while creating a canal to hold the water and the sand becomes the new foundation. Trump was looking for the plug or some way to poke a hole in it , to get it done faster. You I don’t know much about even though yer from my home State. Stop spouting off that you found a shiny thing on the ground until ya know it’s not another piece trash ya throw back down while still bragging. Arrest somebody or force a prosecutor to do so or resign.

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