Legal analyst explains how Trump will be ‘collateral damage’ in GA case

Donald Trump, along with 16 co-defendants, will not go to trial in October with two other defendants in the Georgia election subversion case but will move forward on their own schedule, with a trial date yet be announced, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee announced. CNN’s Elie Honig weighs in.
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  1. 1
    Jack Moore

    So cnn is the last place I would go to for info for anything they’re analysts are full of crap they’re always wrong u can’t thst anything these people say

  2. 2

    How about this…… ready ? …. Co- Caine…. In da white- howse ! Yea, yea that’s right, say it again. Cocaine in da White House mofo. Wow !

  3. 3
    Kelly Smith

    If I was able to have a little talk with merrick garland and jack smith i have a few questions to ask them. 1st what in the world are you two doing about donnie trump…? And why the hell is donnie trump running free ……im beginning to have no faith in garland or smith, because they have done nothing to trump nor none of the republican party elected officials ….ANOTHER WORDS QUIT THE CLOWN 🤡 PARTY GARLAND AND SMITH NOW YOU TWO HAVE MESSED AROUND TO LONG….

  4. 5
    c431inf 11b

    Well if we go by the CNN standards of analysis over the last 7 years regarding Trump , what ever they say the complete opposite is true lol

  5. 10
    Joseph Merritt

    C'mon man, Americans want to hear about the Impeachment Inquiry about Joe Biden. What about the 2 dozen shell companies set up to launder money from foreign governments and companies. How compromised is Joe Biden? Why was he selling access to the White House? Is he guilty of abuse of power or sedition against America?

  6. 11

    Here’s another idea- why don’t we wait until Trump possibly becomes president, eliminates all his enemies, kills all the judges and witnesses and destroys the FBI, DOJ, IRS, tanks the country and starts world war three. THEN pardons all the insurrectionist. And installs himself as SUPREME LEADER OF AMERICA. then we won’t have to worry about a troublesome messy trail.
    The American justice system is as corrupt as Trump and the MAga Republicans running the government. Then we can become a Totalitarian state and stop screwing with pesky Laws. HOW ABOUT THAT?

  7. 12
    Rodney Worrell

    I've heard it said, that in a RICO trial, that if one person is found guilty of anything, then ALL are found guilty of the same charge.
    Chezbro is charged with creating the Fake Elector Scheme?
    Powell is charged with stealing voting machines?

    If they are found guilty, then what are the implications for the other 17 defendents, including Trump?
    Do they all get whatever punishment is handed down to Chezbro and Powell?

  8. 14

    Let's all take in how important it is to have your trial separated from all of your, 'completely innocent because there was no wrongdoing', co-defendants. Where's the solidarity of righteous indignation? This is going to be a freeforall, there's going to be so much winning at the expense of so much losing, juicy clips galore, can't wait and how about that de_fence?🤡💩

  9. 15
    M Strummer

    Trump is a distraction. People need to be focusing on learning about Vivek Ramaswamy. He's the only candidate "for the people" and supports our Constitution.

  10. 16
    Jack Hawkins

    The evidence against Defendant Trump will be made in five weeks. Defendant Trump will not be present to defend himself at the trial. He will explode on Pravda Social.

  11. 17
    rand mayfield

    In the 2024 election that will be my third time not voting for the instigator of the January 6th insurrection. If Mickey mouse is on the ballot I'll probably vote for him.

  12. 18
    rand mayfield

    Is trump finished with his rape case yet? How about the Stormy Daniels sex for hire hush money case? Has anyone asked Melania how she feels about her husband's sexual shenanigans?

  13. 20
    jim k

    I think Trump already know he lost everything. He did it not to hope he can win. He did it to hype up his supporters to empty their pocket for him. Its not a few millions. Its 100 of millions each time he makes outrageous claims. The more outrageous he makes the more he makes. He doesn't care as long as it benefitted him financially. What can you do when his supporters are equally stupid to waste their hard-earn money to a greedy rich guy.

  14. 22
    Dana Maguire

    It won’t be much of an advantage to the orange Mussolini or anyone else. They have no plausible defense strategies. If anything it will cause some more of them to come around and tell the truth in exchange for a plea deal.

  15. 26

    I live in East Atlanta which is roughly 83% Democratic. I volunteer each election cycle as a poll monitor. These lying creeps tried to steal and invalidate the vote of every single person in my county. I hope these fascists all rot in Prison and their families dissolve. Release The Kraken into Cell Block C.

  16. 27
    james jackovich

    The facts are Trump attempted to change the election results through criminal means, first trying to bribe politicians then sent in fake electors then tried to tamper with the machines any regular citizen would have been locked up a long time ago

  17. 28
    Brandon M,Cheyene Howard

    Don’t think it’s a bad thing that cheese and Co Speedy Conspirator are going first. The fact that we are all going to hear the evidence against Trump (the full case) and his lawyers won’t be there to hinder. Cheese and her ladyships lawyers don’t give a crap what happens to Trump, and they’ll up that they were just following Trumps orders, even though it’s not a defences I thinks it bad for Trump cos he cares massively what we the public see and here in that courtroom where facts and real evidence meet frivolous words. These two are screwing over Rudy and Trump. I didn’t see him offering any real help with their legal fees.

  18. 30
    Walter Wilkins

    Post the mockery of justice that the Ken Paxton Jr. debacle showcased, who cares? Republicans are corrupt by virtue of policy, we’ve got it.

  19. 31
    Andy Santana


  20. 33
    Kamill Gran

    Can’t wait to see president Trump walk back into the White House and take back what was stolen from him! The look on the faces of these CNN propagandists, oh dear god!😂

  21. 34
    wally w

    Trumps literally a judge confirmed sexual assaultist rapist, and a traitor that committed an insurrection on our capitol based upon 100% lies that killed 5 people…anyone that supports this orange traitor is a traitor to democracy by default…all this behavior is anti American, anti constitution, and anti democracy…you either care about preserving our country, or you want a propaganda/disinformation fueled dictatorship…this maga movement is being studied by cult experts and labeled these people as a cult…lack of education in our rural communities is just dangerous…if it wasnt for the rural uneducated parts of our country, the republican party wouldnt even exist…a bunch of traitors that dont even understand they are anti American traitors supporting the end of democracy, just sickening…and they arent splitting this rico case up any further, this was just a common sense ruling that had to be made thats all it was…speedy have to seperate and go first, and the rest cant be forced into a speedy trial if they dont want it so they get grouped together later…but the later group will not be able to split further, and this common sense ruling does not imply that they will…of course the magas will try, but it will be denied…the judge isnt going to force that many independent trials…its just going to be speedy, and non speedy groups

  22. 35
    Omar Feira


  23. 36
    Ryan Matthews

    They really didn't think this partisan action through before making all of us suffer this 3rd world stuff. America citizens really need to bring down this corporate dualistic control system.

  24. 37
    robert riteman

    The criminality of Trump and the Rule of Law require the Cases be pursued but the election is more important. The Dems and those opposed to Trump need to stop relying on Court cases to be winning the swing voters. Everyone knows the election will come down to the swing voters in about 5 states. Poll after Poll evidences that the swing voters do not want either Trump or Biden and see Biden's age as a big concern (which means- even if not fair – that they do not see Harris as a future President). It is not fair and I do not like it (because Joe Biden is a good man who has passed good legislation and is still mentally sharp) but there is too much at stake and the Dem leadership need to get Biden to accept his place in history rather than being the person who hung on too long and caused a fascist to return to power. Being stubborn and prideful is not a virtue. Keep in mind that even with the Covid debacle Trump still almost won in 20 in terms of electoral college votes and that Georgia, Nevada and Arizona etc., can easily swing back to him (helped by voter suppression). If Trump does win then it will far worse than his first term as If does get in then he will immediately purge every institution of anyone who is loyal to the Constitution and replace them with Trumpers/right wing. It will not be just the DOJ but every department, the senior Military, etc. He and his gang will do everything to ensure that a Trumpists totalitarian regime will maintain power for decades. He will also give far more leeway to emboldened far right militias and organizations. If a SCOTUS dies or retires, he will choose a right wing Trumper to replace that person. He will order the DOJ not to intervene with Court cases if states suppress the voting rights or human rights of minorities, LBGT et al. It is not being hysterical to state that if he returns to power, and has a MAGA congress and Senate then it will be the end of democracy in the USA for at least a decade if not forever. The Dems have good alternative candidates available who would be fresh with no health or succession issues, no Hunter baggage (as he does distract from Trump and all his criminal associates), and he/she would almost certainly destroy Trump in the debates. Like it or not instead of the focusing on the substance of any debate involving Trump and Biden the swing voters will be busy watching for any small tick by Biden which verifies their concerns. Also, the Dems need to choose someone to be VP who is Latino/Latinx (if not for President) because they have not been properly represented but more importantly because that community has the votes to swing the election in numerous key states (surprisingly the GOP do much better than their policies warrant with that community).

  25. 38

    We know Mr Trump lies and cheats at everything. He has given an oath of marriage to 3 different women and cheated on every one of them. It’s not even disputed. He laughed about it. His golf caddies call him Pele because he kicks the ball out of the rough and onto the fairway so often. He arranged for fake electors to declare him winner of an election when he didn’t have the votes. Everything

  26. 41
    Peter Sunn

    DT is going to maintain the almost unlimited powers of a sitting President.. if his lawyers test that in court and win..isn't the sitting President holding all the cards..if he loses..the sitting President wins..Savvy Silent Joe..

  27. 45
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