Jon Stewart returns to ‘The Daily Show’

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  1. 3

    Did you know that “populism,” the people’s wishes, is 100% a threat to “our democracy”?

    So much so that the Democrats have to put their most viable opponent behind bars, because we’re nothing like Russia!🤡🌎

    When did you join the circus, Jon?

  2. 9

    I have always enjoyed Job Stewart. But he has made a VERY grave mistake attacking Biden – especially at this time. Jon KNOWS what an exceptionally amazing job Biden has done (not even worth comparing to another POTUS who has proved to be a traitor). CUT out the old man jokes Jon- don’t make us feel you are getting too old for your job as a comedian

  3. 14

    Can’t really tell you anything about the show for 8 years but I have to admit that he really made that show worth watching! Jon back it’s on !!!!

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