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    Israel don't have a right to
    "Selfs Defence" because
    Israel is OCCUPIER who Terrorize Palestinian NATION since 1967.
    – a DEEPLY CONTROVERSIAL ORDER that was taken by Israeli soldiers as a licence to “KILL a COMRADE before they were taken prisoner”.
    Zionists create biggest Concentration Camps on Earth beginning in 1967.
    Zionists and Settlers
    responsible for started bombing everybody and anything they can see, Palestinian people to the Stone age including hospitals, social services
    and any Jews.
    Some Media is lying to You, again.

  2. 3

    It’s wonderful when as a policy advisor can decide when relevant history starts. It also points up why Bolton is no longer a national advisor, only pundtitocrat.

  3. 14

    India is the vorlon and china is the shadows they have been around before all the other races they will not fight each other instead get Russia to fight for them 🤔Iran can locate all carrires without them knowing?India Pakistan Afghanistan and Iran same ethnicity same people only the three think they is a lost Arab tribe 😅🤣😂

  4. 15

    This guy is nothing but a disgrace. He has nothing but blood on his hand. Crazy to say Israel is totlly innocent here. They have been stoking the fire since day one to the extent that they were inviting retaliation.

  5. 16

    In the mind of John Bolton it is impossible for someone to be Pro Palestine just because they believe it is the right thing to do. He is a zionist warmonger after all.

  6. 18

    Fire blinking i mean blinkin and put Trump in that position until he is president again next well in 2025 and it may very well save usa but certainly will save taxpayers alot of money. I'm happy to see CNN slowly starting to change. Or maybe it's just simply trying to abandon alliance with our well Old Man in charge. If nothing Trump did over there saved money at least the fact that he would be using his own plane or spending his own money or not taking an income from the position would save taxpayers money

  7. 21

    Who created Hamas? Benjamin Netanyahu go search! Israeli government is doing gencide… When ur speaker is john Bolton u know how bs this whole thing is….

  8. 22

    I’m from Australia, I don’t care too much about American politics, but even from the other side of the globe I can see how Mr Moustache here would not be very useful or helpful with regards to domestic politics never mind international politics.

  9. 24

    The way this man absolutely disregards the civilian casualties in Gaza and Israel’s responsibility for the outrageous numbers is mind blowing! This man can’t be serious?!

  10. 29

    “Think of the children!… they are still alive, we gotta do something about that”-John Bolton

    I’m not a fan of hamas and Israel has the right to defend itself, but I don’t believe Israel is our closest ally. Remember they refused to help Ukraine, helping Ukrainian people is in our (US) best interest, and Israel refused to send iron dome (which we, US, helped produce)

  11. 33

    Biden's image in US is falling. CIA will influence Biden to attack on Iran unnecessary in order to see that there are no futher Elections in 2024.

  12. 35

    Look at the comments..and you'll find out why. the peak of power….America is precieved so weak…Sad. Mr Bolton knows Iran and their mentality. Like the back of his hand..,.It's much easier than one would think.

  13. 37

    جون بولتون الفاو :
    كان دونالد ترامب قريبا من تدمير إيران أقصد إسرائيل أو بالأحرى النظامين معا لإحداث فوضى خلابة جديدة في المنطقة من أجل اعادة بنائها و لكن جو بايدن يرى غير ذلك!🙄
    إنه يعتقد أن إسرائيل تستحق الإصلاحات أكثر من الثورات!🙄👻😁

  14. 40

    This interviewer was trying really hard to guide Bolton’s comments and answers. Good for Bolton not letting this happen.

  15. 41

    I don't know why the CNN is wasting the viewers' time by interviewing Yosemite Sam. He'll always talk nonsense and warmonger. Even Trump thinks this guy is detached from reality. That says a lot coming from Mr DeNile himself

  16. 42

    Bolton was ho*ny for a war with iran since he hit his puberty. So i dont think getting bolton's opinion on this issue really matters, we already no the answer. LOL
    Bdw, he seems to have learned absolutely nothing from iraq, libya, somalia, afghanistan etc., he is back at ground zero.

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