Jason Chaffetz: Maybe it’s time we start telegraphing what we’re going to do

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss NSC strategic communications coordinator John Kirby saying the U.S. will respond ‘appropriately’ to the attacks on its soldiers. #foxnews

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  1. 1

    People think because you cut them off, it’s jealousy or animosity. Sometimes cut offs are because of differences in mindsets! Some of y’all are users and that’s all you know to do, some of y’all complain too much and your energy is draining.

  2. 3

    The great appeased. Started with his kids. Raised in no accountability or consequences home, elite & above the law. Never having to take responsibility for anything. Both sons had drug & legal problems. His foreign policies are similar, he's a pushover, all our enemies take advantage of him & play him for a sucker & fool.

  3. 5

    You've got people up there talking that have never actually even been on the line fighting they have never actually fought in the War they have never had to they got raised to higher positions faster because of who they know and whose asses they kiss along the way most of them get to those high places not by fighting Wars It Is by being connected to politicians mostly sons of certain people Sons or grandsons of somebody in high positions so you have people up there giving commands that have never even really fought in a war besides from a base so they don't know what it's even like on the line and this is coming from a veteran of the 101 st Airborne Division 11 Bravo Airborne Ranger

  4. 6

    How do you not risk escalation if you intend to respond in kind or actually it should be 10 times in kind and the Drone strike doesn't make sense unless somebody did not do their job because any drone that is sent out gives a signal to the person that sent it out when it is coming back in and any drone that is coming in from a distance gives out a complete different signal and shows the exact location that's how they shoot them down so the explanation does not work you can't think of drone is your drone if you are paying any attention to the radar that's what happens when you put people in position that do not belong there can you put people that are not trained as well as they should be trained be in these positions because you spent so much time the last 3 years training them on everything except for what their duties are everything except actual training taking classes on lgbtq Plus that does not help you watch your radar to know that a drone is coming in to strike you actually have to be paying attention to the radar that is the only way they are shot down at a distance is because they show up on the radar it's not complicated

  5. 9

    Since our economy is doing well, Record stock market highs, low unemployment, inflation down, the magat Republicans need to switch their war cry to the southern border SNAFU. SNAFU created by the career criminal P01135809.

  6. 12

    This is the America last administration. We don’t want to escalate tensions. Wake up! Iran is escalating tensions because we are showing weakness.

  7. 13

    It's not the Proxies; it's the Backing and Arming by Iran. Stop lying; we have not taken appropriate action against anybody. Telling my children, I never got their attention. Why would it cause any reaction by Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, or any other Dictator-run country?

  8. 14

    If this administration thinks the words, dont dont dont is so scary, Greg Abbott should have just told Biden, dont, if thinking about federalizing the Texas reserve's. 🤷‍♂️ DON'T

  9. 20

    The only reason not to telegraph our intentions is to protect American military personnel. Period. That is more important than politics. It’s the only responsible comment I have heard from this administration. Everything else is butt covering crap. Welcome to ww3

  10. 22

    Why in God’s name did you wait until our people died???! This administration is run by scared little people. I’ve never seen such disgraceful non-action by the greatest nation under the sun in my life. You NEED to go after Iran. If you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it. How many times do you have to hear it??! PITIFUL!

  11. 24

    Kirby says he's going to respond appropriately…. he's going to publicly drop his pants and offer Iran his arse! Pathetic, weak, deplorable administration.

  12. 30

    Pisspants Obiden has been practicing bending over his desk with his pants around his ankles in preparation for his tough negotiations with the enemy, hunter even bootlegged some banjo music on his new laptop

  13. 31

    Such a corrupt useless administration! Pathetic and compromised useless Biden needs to be in a home with a nurse somewhere!! Should be removed for numerous reasons!!!!!! Treason comes to mind as one!!!! TRUMP 2024!!!!! Kirby is a little weasel!!!!!

  14. 32

    Had to laugh out loud when Kirby said Biden is weighing his options! The man can’t even exit a stage after giving a speech! What “options” is he weighing? Biden has lost his mind and there’s no going back!

  15. 34

    HE S H O U L D N O T E V E N
    B E I N T H E W H I T E
    H O U S E H E N E E D S
    T O B E I N A
    N U R S I N G H O M E
    T H E P A R T Y T H A T
    I S P U L L I N G H I S
    S T R I N G S, U S I N G
    A N O L D S I C K M A N
    T O G A I N C O N T O A L
    A N D K E E P C O N T O A L
    C A L L I N G B E T T E R
    T H A N H A L F O F
    A M E R I C A N P E O P L E
    S T U P I D, D E V I D I N G
    O U R C O U N T R Y
    P U T T H E M A L L
    O U T O F O F F I C E

  16. 38

    Hundreds of attacks later and Obidens still saying…"Dont….Dont" 😢 This is the weakest government weve ever had in our history! And needless to say….We need to get the traitors out of the White House asap!

  17. 39

    War is good for business if you are in news. The US military bases around the World arguably act as "trip wires to get the USA into "forever wars. Given the fleet of aircraft carriers the USA has that can move anywhere in the World why not save money by closing the military bases unless you want them to act as "tripwires" to start wars?

  18. 44

    How did America allow this dumb cslled Kirby even in his response he look so Stupid and Inconpetent 3 US Soldiers has just been killed because of their Failure in foreign policy Joe Biden has the blood of America in their hands.

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