Steve Scalise: This is another example of Biden bowing to the extreme left

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise joins ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street’ to discuss President Biden’s war on energy and border crises.

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  1. 3

    Fun Fact, Trump appointed the Fed Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell back in 2018. He is the one who has raised interest rates to the HIGHEST in over 20 YEARS. Why hasn't Trump called for Powell to lower interest rates? They are crushing working families all over America. Powell is a Republican, and the Trump/Powell interest rates are smothering us. If Trump really cared about his supporters, he would call for Powell to LOWER interest rates NOW!💯Why hasn't Trump demanded this? If we are keeping it real💯

  2. 5

    The tik tok story is a lie. Biden shutting down LNG is to punish texas for not taking down the razor wire. LNG is big in texas and if it gets shut down a lot of people will lose their job

  3. 6

    He evades the question about mass deportations of the 10 million illegals since Biden took office. Another do nothing Republican.

  4. 10

    Punch the puppet is being told by his far-left puppeteers what to say and do, and what a good job he is doing, and how much the country loves him, and how evil the MAGA extremists are. Punch doesn't know that the puppeteers will be puppeting someone else soon.

  5. 13

    If this was back in the day man both of them suckers and the vice president would have been run out on the rail On the Border issue alone you can impeach them all

  6. 17

    I bet the demo squad made another crooked deal with Saudi they hate us just love there money more so they do back end deals then use our money against us yup yup

  7. 19

    Hurray for Scalise. It is long past time for politicians to ALWAYS point out the electricity that EVs use does not magically appear for free in every outlet they plug into.
    Electricity used by most EVS is generated by coal, so Biden claiming they are ZERO EMISSIONS is the BIG SCAM.

  8. 20

    We have some extremely bad people that have infiltrated into our US Government and in US Organization's and their intentions are to dismantle America. This needs to be deeply investigated because they are traitors.

  9. 21

    Biden/Pelosi/Schumer use ENERGY to "CHOKE" more & more $ out of each citizen's pocket. We want to sue Biden's admin for tapping into all 401K to steal our savings 25%!!! Those are our accounts, our names on each, BIDENS' name ain't there, so NO AUTHORITY to take a dollar out!

  10. 23

    😂😂😂😂 only ignorants will believe that a wall will stop drugs from coming in to the country.
    😂😂😂 Drugs come by the TONS on 18 wheeler, on air planes. In boats.
    😂😂😂😂 Google it your self.
    😂😂😂 how much drugs slow down during Trump administration with the thousands of miles of wall??? None it didn’t stop even one gram from coming in.
    😂😂😂 immigration is one of the issues GOP will never want to solve because that is the only thing they can offer to the working class. 😂😂 for the millionaires they have tax cuts 😂😂
    So work work and donate all your money, because Trump was found guilty of fraud on 17 counts. 😂😂 donate all your money or Trump is going to file bankruptcy for the 7th time

  11. 24

    "War on energy"? The rest of the world is moving effectively toward a post-petroleum economy. These political dinosaurs are clinging to fossil fuel.

  12. 31

    No . . . puppet Joe Biden cannot stop this on his own ! Do you really think his psycho puppet master Obama will tolerate Biden stopping all this destruction that it took him years to orchestrate ? Think again !

  13. 32

    The barden family is a good example of greed and corruption we need to know now why they got the millions that President should not even be in office this is very serious stuff

  14. 38

    Yeah, Louisiana is an energy state that doesn't collect enough taxes from the energy companies. Our congressional caucus should be recalled and replaced with folks that represent the population mix of the state, not just the wealthiest citizens.

  15. 40

    You need to get updated on Eagle Pass. There's no migrants coming through there anymore. It's closed down. They're coming across a few miles north and south of Eagle Pass. I hate to say it but you're telling false news about Eagle Pass.

  16. 41

    Article I Section 9 Clause 2

    The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

  17. 42

    They need to get Biden out of office immediately he is compromised with china 🇨🇳 he’s letting china in our back door I hope democrats know how to fight because the enemy is coming and there already in America 🇺🇸 that’s all on joe biden

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