Hunter Biden Indicted

Special counsel David Weiss indicted President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for alleged false statements he made while purchasing a gun in 2018. This is the first time in US history that the Justice Department has filed charges against the son of a sitting president.

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  1. 1
    patricia russell

    This is what, so sad about America is we had to go back-and-forth getting even with everyone and yet guns are still sewed but no one’s talking about mental illness or no one needs guns. Look at Spain they don’t have guns.

  2. 7
    Mary Salmon

    finally justice will be done. Noone in the comments would have received the sweetheart deal that was attempted with this guy. He admitted he received millions from Barisma and has no idea why as he has no experience in the oil or gas industries, by his own admission. Biden and Hunter worked as a team to extort money and hide them in shell companies. The levels of corruption will need few hundred backhoes to uncover. Democrats pretend not to see it, the same way they can't see Biden's dementia or the wide open border. I love that Hunter is sueing the IRS whistleblowers, such a dumb move on his part, they will have a field day exposing him. And why does Hunter live in the White House??? If he's just a private citizen???

  3. 20
    George Glenn

    Wow liberals are insane. Notice all the comments excusing hunter. If you havent seen the evidence linking joe and hunter, open your eyes

  4. 27
    Rick Pontificates

    Hunter was also BUSTED for HIDING MILLIONS in INCOME.. that NASTY FOREIGN MONEY. Hopefully, they'll indict him on that too so his CRIMINAL DADDY can be dragged into it

  5. 29
    Ann Richardson

    He's not the first, people do it all over the United States. Here government officials taking pictures with guns with their kids. Now they want to talk about him. Why don't they try to fix the United States

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