Gutfeld: We’re losing our ocean privilege

FOX News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on the United States’ ‘ocean privilege’ and the pro-Palestinian rallies on college campuses on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  1. 1

    Just like our relationship with France is overall good, but problematic. I will stick with Israel. They are not perfect, but they are better than the next option.

  2. 4

    When this show comes on, I turn FOX, OFF. For the record, I'm 54 yrs old. Gutfeld is cliche' . A "try-hard". Not funny. Not witty or "surprisingly brilliant" . Please, FOX, remove this knucklehead.

  3. 7

    Hey, does anyone know where I can pick up a good (man's) jogging bra? (I use 'em for basketball) – LOLOLOL LOLOLOL LOLOLOL 😂⛹️‍♀️🤣⛹️‍♂️

  4. 9

    WAIT, are you saying that neither of the chicks are religious and have morals? A FEMINIST WOULD SAY!
    What would a masculine person say? I guess it doesn't matter, when the women have the mic! 😉
    Why don't men want to date women? Hmmm…
    Maybe it's the vaccines? Men are DONE with women! There's NO MONEY IN IT! CAREFUL!

  5. 11

    The traitor is a criminal dictator wanna be and his democrat friends like AOC are socialist dreaming of a communist government to hide their corruption and sale of America to China.

  6. 15

    No. The young people hate that they have to face the facts that they are not safe in their own classrooms. The highest taker of life for young people now gun violence. Facts matter. 😎💅♟️

  7. 16

    I inspected Chick 🐤 Filet once and had to close it for rat 🐀 feces found everywhere! I thought 💭 Cleanliness was next to Godliness, Greg? 🥱

  8. 18

    Greg, why isn't the Gutfeld show on five days a week? I genuinely miss you and you're show. Aren't you the king of late night? If so why isn't your show 5 nights a week? Please come back. Comedy relief is needed in this dark time.

  9. 21

    US House Speaker; Mike JOHNSON: What do I, “the silent, majority/the MEGA, minority/the average American, still in love with; God and Country” wants? “I want; what they want!”

    I want to, ‘See/Here/Reed’ the same thing tomorrow; from you, as I, ‘See/Here/Reed’ from you today. “Don’t ever lie to me!” “Stand up/Take a Nee” for; Under God and Country!

    This is what, we have found in President; Donald TRUMP. This is what we, expect to find in you!

    From a; 74-year-old retiree, trying to get by. Without getting into a ‘World War III’ in a ‘Corrupt’; Joe BIDEN, administration. Joe BIDEN and his whole ’Corrupt; administration / Family’, should be impeached and run out of the; Peoples House!

  10. 24

    More like: y'all gave up on protecting your privileges when you gave up on the SILENTWAR and having substantial assets & logistical infrastructure to protect interests and investments
    . …..America? ….where the heck are you???
    Did y'all really think you could be "friends" with the CCP?? You better pay attention; Xi is knocking off key people to control all the military -like helloooo? where's the flame for the paper revolution??? …oh? no assets; right, forgot we're supposed to be friends with the CCP….. -and our (the American) economy relies heavily upon them cause we didn't diversify our production.
    ….I could go on: giving $ to other countries that could give desperately needed maintenance to military infrastructure …but I don't want to get all riled up.

  11. 28

    I hate jiden an his fake doctor wife so much😔🤮my words can't hurt more than their influence has🤔🥳congratulations🥳you played yourself🤔🍻🇺🇲Grover Cleveland 2024

  12. 36

    Gutfield, props to you… but…. in 2015 the only thing you needed was a gray suit, a high pitched haha and a missing bicycle….. at least that would help to explain this marxist adventure into the big top of Hell we seem to be on now….. what could have been? Oh well…..Let's watch these clips of biden tripping over his own administration….. back to you Greg……

  13. 39

    The facts are, that if America is destroyed, it will come from within, they indoctrinate all the students to Socialism now days and they let so many of our enemies into the Country!

  14. 42

    Trans rights, gun control, etc. are attempts to seize power. The dems are criminalizing the beliefs of the other party so they can control everything. The dems don't really care about trans people and they have armed guards. The attack these issues because most of the people voting the other way want their freedom of speech and want to be able to defend themselves.

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