Gutfeld: Listening to a conservative could have saved this actor’s life

FOX News host Greg Gutfeld and panelists discuss actor Bob Odenkirk suggesting his near-fatal heart attack could have been prevented if he listened to the advice of his conservative doctor on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  1. 2

    What a STUPID thing to say. "Conservatives" are enemies of freedom and liberty! But then Gutload is pretty spectacularly stupid…

  2. 4
    Jett Rink

    I like and appreciate Greg Gutfeld but concerning his show our country is in such serious trouble we are not in the mood for jokes or sarcasm.

  3. 8
    Brooks Gasser

    To be fair, I'm PREEETTY sure if a conservative went to their doctor who suggested they get the Jab, they would then not trust them for other medical advice and may find a new, non-jabby doctor.

  4. 9
    Aya Bokti

    I assess everyone through spiritual eyes 👀… got 👿👹 I don't care how highly respected you are in this world! You ain't touch me or my car or my plumbing 😂😂😂😜

  5. 11
    robbie elkins

    Liberals and conservatives are people. It doesn’t really matter which political party they stand for as long as they’re skilled at their jobs. When it comes to the English language, I listen to my stepmother, even though she’s a liberal because she’s a teacher, and a very good one. When it comes to stuff involving Music, she listens to me even though I am a conservative because I am a musician and a very good one. We need to get back to just being people and stop being political parties.

  6. 14

    Considering the known health issues of using statins this opening is only based on a theory that cannot be proven, The person of subject would have to live both lives simultaneously one with and 1 without statins to say what the outcome would be.

  7. 20
    Cindy James

    I don't know what political side any of my doctors are on, and I don't care as long as they are good doctors. I am glad that that comedian had an open mind enough to listen to his – BUT HOW DID HE KNOW HE WAS A CONSERVATIVE? DOES HE GO AROUND ASKING EVERYONE HE ASSOCIATES WITH WHAT THEIR POLITICS ARE? I'm just glad to know that here in my small town in Texas, my doctors, grocers, and neighbors all keep their politics quiet – just like me. We all get along with each other as just plain old AMERICANS. From what I am hearing, that is pretty much how everyone is here in the US – just Americans trying to survive the past few years. It seems it is the MAIN-STREAM MEDIA AND LEFT-WING POLITICIANS WHO HAVE BLOWN ALL OF THIS OUT OF PROPORTION FOR THEIR OWN AGENDA. Hopefully we can get back to normal in 2024.

  8. 23

    Funny how the show House M.D with the doctor that would be very mean and rude towards his patients always seemed to be correct and the best doctor around ended in 2012. Its almost like movies and tv shows tend to reflect aspects of real life. I suppose even Family Guy got it right with their opening themes line "… and these old fashioned values upon we used to rely!!". Since we arent showing these uniting, positive vibed values as often anymore on tv, the movies, and all other forms of entertainment people are slowly being turned towards hating each other and starting conflicts over the dumbest of arguements. While our entertainment may slightly reflect our realities they also influence us in some ways. So if they start to push us into hating one another or getting worked up on every little thing we might get influenced into doing just that. We are getting played like young children and its very sad to see our nation end up that way.

  9. 26

    Birthing person? Really? If anyone out there really believes men can have children please! Enlighten me. Name one man on this planet that has gotten pregnant, given birth or had an abortion. Name one.

  10. 33
    A Train


  11. 39

    If you'd rather have a heart attack then listen to a Republican, maybe your heart attack would DO US good.

  12. 40
    Peter Mcguire

    I just got disabled plates. That time I went to the DMV and said it's between me my doctor and the DMV. Because I took my note from my doctor to the DMV to get my special place! So yes I would say that

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