They are going to bankrupt Detroit: Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes discusses the uncertainty around delaying UAW negotiations and the push for electric vehicles on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. 12
    True Believer

    Hold on a second here. How can you blame any worker, UAW or otherwise for trying to make up the spending power he has lost over the past 3 years and the so called "ELITE" suffer nothing because of inflation. An inflation rate of 10% in each of the last 2 years means a combined inflation rate of 21% for 2 years. That's a 21% loss of spending power from lost wages during that time. I wish every worker who lost spending power over the last 3 years all the best of luck in getting that back from their employer. Every time the inflation cycle comes around (20years), the middle and lower classes suffer the most. The "ELITES" can withstand any rate of inflation, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they caused it to widen the gap between themselves and the middle class again. The WEF has said many times that they have to maintain a wide gap in wealth and power over the rest of humanity.

  2. 13
    Jon Bullard

    The UAW put this idiot in office so the way I see it they’re getting exactly what they voted for. I will say I’m a UAW member on the agriculture side and I vote republican.

  3. 17
    Protasio Canalita

    It looks like a lue state will put Detroit to sleep soon huh? Imagine that it is their strong hold of democrat voters and they will hit it with bankruptcy, why oh why are their doing that to their voters, has those people made bad jokes to
    Them or what?

  4. 19

    I think they are going to run out of people to see cars too. High interest rates, inlation, new cars are so pricey and pick up trucks over 70K is insane. I live in Detroit and see more and more Hyndai, Kia, than ever before on the road, People are gettung smart and a new car or suv is so expensive that the big three is just trash

  5. 21
    I am Kesha

    Car manufacturers know the EV market is a losing industry and it is shameful how none of them have the courage to speak out on it. Unless of course, they are going to get something out of it and expect to be bailed out.

  6. 27

    The last four Ford products I bought were all made outside of the US. Can you imagine if the UAW gets these huge increases? They can all kiss their jobs goodbye once they are sent out of the country and the remaining jobs replaced with robots…and I'm saying this as a former UAW member in Detroit. As to Dagen's Toyota statement, my brother worked for one of the big three in Detroit and he only buys Hyundais now. He said it's his way of giving the finger to the UAW. How anyone with a high school education and no skills expects to make $150 per hour in wages and benefits on a four day work week is beyond me.

  7. 29
    Broderick Williams

    Billionaire shouldn't exist, I agree because usually to make that money you had to cheat the system to do… And this country should get money out of Washington. Go back to the days before crack dealing Ronald Reagan….

  8. 32
    Terry Henry

    This ev thing being shoved down everyones throat is pure bs. Encroaching, authoritarian goverment! Look around folks, tyrants everywhere!!

  9. 33

    Hell, it's hard to find a McDonald's in Detroit. They really should watch Hoffa instead of picketing with zero pay while their union leaders got theirs.

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