Gutfeld: It’s now hunting season on Republicans

FOX News host Greg Gutfeld discusses the left’s attacks against Gov. Kristi Noem and Rep. Lauren Boebert on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  1. 1

    I love hearing Emily giggle, and she is hot AF. AF stands for 'A Fryer', so wash your foul mind out.Also, I never looked Emily's images up on the internet. That was my roommate, though she will deny it, I'm sure.

  2. 2
    Robert Garcia

    I’m republican and this is to hypocritical of us we need to call out our own when they act in a way that can hurt us in the elections .And fox made a big deal over AOC dancing video from when she was in college.our party and news networks our screwing things up on fixing our country .country over party

  3. 3
    Ashley Leirer

    Democrat or republican, I don’t care. It’s inappropriate behavior and our elected officials SHOULD display better behavior especially in public. As far as “hypocrisy “ goes, drag shows in front of kids and other immoral behavior she has decried in the past are far worse than what she did. HOWEVER, you are a representative of the voters in your state, you represent their interests and work for them. Show some respect to your constituents and HAVE SOME CLASS!

  4. 5
    Margaret Khan

    Don't you HATE these commercials for Amtrak because, though they sound so sweet, you know they are advocating for getting rid of our cars and confining us to rail transportation which we know will be denied to us if lose the cars. They want us without mobility, not just out of our cars, so they can control everyone with absolutely no restrictions for morality or decency. They want us helpless, how do you think that is going to play out? It can't happen here? You bet it can.

  5. 7
    John Robinson

    Nite vision was on her because she was hottest lady 😍 in an audience full of Democrats 🎥
    Big Brother is Watching you at all times 🧐

  6. 8

    Who said just politicians? Musk Starlink Biden and Ukraine. $$$$ and a 2nd covid19 or whatever lab name they have given it can accidentally get out.

    I'd do Mrs. Boebert

  7. 13

    She declined numerous times but changed her story after seeing the video recording. Without the video, she would have never come out to apologize or accept she performed s@x acts in a theatre

  8. 17
    Lord Timothy McKay

    While I do not like going to private homes due to possible children or uninvolved others may be involved… I do understand… and, you definately were being polite and respected her wished… but, wow… that swarm of bees 🐝 moments after you walked to the front walk… you really turned over a rock here! Something untoward going on. 😅 keep up the great work!

  9. 19
    First Contact

    Doxxed Fox News🎉🎉🎉🎉The Gatekeepers Society🎉Fox Network ruined America in 1988 with their garbage programming. Zombies will follow them into hell.🎉🎉🎉

  10. 23
    Kim Hrabar

    Wait a minute. I thought Bill Clinton explained this already. When he said it ain't nobodies business, what you do on your off time . Long as everyone is legal age , and no one is showing up dead and naked in the pond at your house its none your business. Word on the street in Fulton County is Fanni Willis was doing the local gang leader. But once again it ain't none of our business. ( that she was investigating him at the same time. Must have been undercover)

  11. 24
    Norman McCollum

    My prime minister, Justin Trudeau, refers to us as people with 'unacceptable views.'

    I'd have moved to America years ago if I could, and it seems as though there's something of an exodus of Canadians fleeing here, meanwhile it's oddly difficult to obtain a passport.

    Justin Trudeau reminds me of Germany in more than one way… bloody far-left fascist…

  12. 27

    Obviously all these woke lamest that try to cancel and the mainlame media get paid to trash a perfectly good man. So sad.

  13. 30
    Frank Conforti

    Both are hot but Interesting to see how both sides spin it. Truth is in the middle. Definitely hypocrisy but I don’t give a shyte what people do sexually in private

  14. 31

    Who would have thought the high school dropout, knocked up at 17, having a kid who had a kid (making her a grandma), only getting her GED at 34 (a month before running for office), married a man that was later arrested for exposing himself to underage girls, and arrested 6 times herself could be so trashy?!

  15. 32
    Lesco Brandon

    Hunting Republicans? The people who love and own defensive weapons? Rotsa Ruck. I’m not a Republican but a NY Conservative… bring it on.

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