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  1. 1
    Don Neuville

    Trump followers see it as a game, not politics. They, don't follow politics, they follow "The Musicman". Trump is a pioneer in disregard. His goal is to dictate how you live, and grab as much money, and he will find a way, as he can fill his pockets.

  2. 6
    Lisa Carracino

    He is paying the poll takers so he can keep the grift going, I'm waiting for to see which journalist will be the one to come forward with the evidence of this. It's either that or they are taking these polls at his dwindling rallies where it is the same people that follow him around the country 😅

  3. 11
    Evonne Ramsey

    He can't be that worried cuz he won't shut up. He obviously fails to understand his 5th amendment right and especially how to utilize it. Pathetic.

  4. 12
    William Temple

    All across America couples sit down at their dining table, small business people sit with their accountants with only one thing on their mind. How will we fund next year? As a retired bookkeeper who worked in every area of accounting for small and fortune five hundred companies and eventually managed my own it amazes me that we allow our elected officials to get away with this BS every year. There should be a law that states if the budget isn't passed within 60 days of the close of the fiscal year then every Member Of The House is automatically fired. Then leave it up to the states to scramble to choose a qualified Representative who will get the job done before the year runs out. Talk about State's Rights.

  5. 14
    Michael Lomaxx

    RUMP is not running for president He is running from the LAW and then he is going to play
    Spout lies with every sentence Grown men were WEEPING
    MAGA TEARS when they saw his HAIR FLY AWAY

  6. 18

    It's easy for this crew to forget that THEY were in the cult in 2016…inviting him on their show all the time, asking him softball questions, letting him call into the show and bloviate all the time…

  7. 22
    Louie Tuna

    The 'win at any cost' mentality is what brought us here. To win when you are out of power means that you have to obstruct any progress that the ruling majority might be able to put in the 'win' column, even if it is what's best for your constituents. I see them saying 'Burn it all down if we can't be in charge."

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