‘GET TO WORK’: Squad member blames REPUBLICANS for migrant crisis #shorts

Rep. Pramila Jayapal deflects blame for mass migration onto former President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

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  1. 2
    Lee Scheeler

    Wait till we're attacked oh never mind the poisoning by fentynal has really worked well more people died last yr than died in the Vietnam war thx Demarats you've failed the people once more

  2. 6
    Bill Ashby

    Instead of money let’s start flying illegal boarder crosser to the Ukraine! Make it a mandatory 2 year stay i the war zone! If they survive then we can talk with them about staying in the United States!

  3. 7

    How does her jaw not come loose and fall off. That made absolutely no sense, but didn't stop her from saying it like it meant something. There's no way she actually believes any of what she said. Anyone who supports these tater tots is either incredibly stupid or they are just going along with it because they think it'll pay off in the end. Deceit never pays off.

  4. 8

    The first two years of this administration were fully in control of both houses of Congress. Yet absolutely NOTHING was done by the Democrats to change the immigration laws. At least now the House is looking into it. But the House hasn’t the power without the Senate. This particular Democrat is loathsome with he claim. Sure, in RULES FOR RADICALS, the party in the wrong accuses the other party of being at fault. This is how Communists and Socialists operate. We need to outlaw this ideology. Depot ALL of the illegal migrants AND their children. Each and every one of them, all 7 million, is on the public dole. None of them has anything to offer this country. We need the biggest deportation program ever seen by this country to get rid of them. They ALL MUST GO.

  5. 12
    John Strickland

    They really don't understand just enforce the law Damm and finish the Damm wall we payed for and stop giving it away for almost nothing and if you guys can't I'm sure the citizens can do it and all the stupid ones are fired immediately

  6. 16
    Patrick Leonard

    Yeah, it's the Republicans. It just happened to begin with Biden's action in the first days of his administration. This woman has stones to just lie through her teeth when we all know exactly what took place.

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