Convicted Trump aide Peter Navarro talks trial, Trump getting convicted & paying his bills

Former Trump aide Peter Navarro joins Ari Melber on “The Beat” for his first interview with MSNBC since his conviction. (Check out The Beat’s playlist: Connect with Ari Melber:
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  1. 1
    Paul M.

    Why would ANYONE want to help such a traitor … such a nasty piece of work? Navarro deserves all that he's going to get … and more. You sold your soul to the devil, in an attempt to overthrow democracy. Good riddance!

  2. 2
    Keith Johnson

    Commie Chicago to have state-run grocery stores instead of a solution to its crime crisis

    1 hr ago NEW YORK POST

    Urban progressives’ treatment plans for their self-inflicted wounds are always some toxic combination of too simplistic and too roundabout.

    Over the past two years, both Walmart (four of eight) and Whole Foods (two of four) have closed half their Chicago locations.

    The retailers released boilerplate, euphemistic statements to explain their choices.

    “We know the community will have questions about why we are closing these locations,” acknowledged the former.

    “The simplest explanation is that collectively our Chicago stores have not been profitable since we opened the first one nearly 17 years ago — these stores lose tens of millions of dollars a year, and their annual losses nearly doubled in just the last five years.”

    “As we continue to position Whole Foods Market for long-term success, we regularly evaluate the performance and growth potential of each of our stores,” stated the latter before lamenting its “difficult decision” to shutter its shops.

    One can sympathize with the corporate flacks tasked with constructing these statements, constrained as they are by the risks of being excoriated for either making a soulless, numbers-driven business decision or victim-blaming.

    But the fact remains they have taken pains to avoid naming the specific problems that have made it near-impossible to run a profitable business in the areas where the stores have closed down.

    The most obvious one being: Rampant crime both inside and around those locations renders their continued operation a costly risk with a practically unrealizable upside.

    One can’t fault these stores for avoiding the ridiculous political maelstrom that would no doubt engulf them were they to plainly state this truth; after all, the Windy City’s own voters and mayor themselves flatly refuse to acknowledge reality.

    In any case, these closures do make life harder for already-disadvantaged residents, forcing them to travel further for food and other necessities.

    Crime can so often be best understood as a regressive tax on the poor.

    Enter Brandon Johnson, the aforementioned far-left mayor who all but campaigned on ensuring Chicago’s continued decline.

    Naturally, his proposed solution eschews addressing the root causes of Chicago’s food deserts for trying his hand as a grocer.

    “We know access to grocery stores is already a challenge for many residents, especially on the South and West sides,” acknowledged Johnson in a statement before insisting his administration would pursue “innovative, whole-of-government approaches to address these inequities.”

  3. 8
    Kim Suvia

    The human ego never ceases to amaze me.
    Evidently, I don't get something about "Executive Privilege" and would appreciate the answer. If it (Exec. Privilege) had been invoked on Navarro's behalf, why couldn't he have Trump verify that? Peter asserted it, but it didn't hold up in court. Is that something that would have to have been in writing , pre-coup? And couldn't Donald have spoken up, post-coup, to help his " President's Senior Advisor and Altar Ego" as Peter, Coach of the Green Bay Sweep, so often likes to remind us. Wow.

  4. 9
    Paul Uttermohlen - Homes and Living in Columbus

    Peter will "die a happy man." But will he also …. die in prison? Be indicted for additional crimes? Ever regret going on MSNBC to publicly admit being part of the coup attempt? How did this man ever get a position of authority? He is suffering from toxic levels of stupidity. I feel dumber just listening to him for a few minutes …. help!

  5. 20

    MSNBC lemmings are too brainwashed and committed to their false narrative that they miss the point. Trump and his associates were within their legal rights which SCOTUS will confirm. Joe Bribem accepted foreign bribes. Democrats and the DC SWAMP is done. GAME OVER

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