FOX News personality intervenes to stop Starbucks thief

FOX News’ Leo Terrell describes how he stopped a shoplifter in the act at a Los Angeles Starbucks. #foxnews #fox&friends

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  1. 10
    J. Guillaume

    Did I just watch the conservative Jesse Smollet😆😆🤣🤣. Such a polite criminal interaction. This is the weirdest Fox Segment I ever watched on Fox News and I watch Gutfeld! at night sometimes. Honestly the whole Fox lineup deserves kudos, from America Reports, Faulkner Focus all the way to Ingram Angle, Jesse Watters Primetime and Hannity. Sean Hannity was one of the OG's that got me paying attention to Fox, back when the award winning late night host was calling President Joe Biden, sippy cup after making many accurate predictions during the Trump years. I learned the former president is the one who actually told the host to stop which gave me more respect for ole 45.

    My military buddies steered me in the right direction for once telling me to wat Hannity. I know how much this individual hates the term woke but I got Woke watching Hannity. I woke up to the reality. I figured out how crazy the world really was and to what lengths the media will go to deceive us on both sides. All in good fun some do it in order to lead us in the right direction regardless how stubborn and confirmed we are in our own ignorance. Some ways more fun and wholesome than others. Others more direct, crazy but strangely accurate Life, Liberty and Levin (Fox latenight on the weekends). I never know what to believe on these shows but I do enjoy the blatant debauchery sometimes.

  2. 11

    There are black people like leo Terrell AND MANY MORE NOT LIKE HIM… MANY MANY MORE… in any blue state the odds of being around black people YOU SHOULDNT trust are much much higher than the few cool or respectable black people you CAN. There IS a reason for racism. It's HOW disproportionate the number of "decent" black people there are vs NOT DECENT

  3. 23

    The police won't come because of the democrat policies that allow and encourage criminal activity, which makes them complicit in every crime committed in their jurisdictions.

  4. 26
    Lisa Lamonds

    While all cable news networks declare themselves the most “trusted” source, FOX was the first to take the strategy of convincing its viewers that it alone was the bearer of truth and all other networks were lying, misrepresenting or propagating some deliberate fake narrative from a conspiratorial shadow source. After several years of this, loyal viewers will reject not only the opinions heard from other sources, but even the basic, verifiable facts they’re reporting. This scorched earth strategy of paranoia shouldn’t have worked as well as it did among a first-world audience with access to free information, but it’s been wildly effective.

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