Ex-Yankees great rips woke Nike, Bud Light for sending ‘wrong message’

Former MLB pitcher and New York Yankees legend David Wells speaks out against politics in sports and discusses his foundation supporting military veterans. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 5
    Lamont Ferebee

    why is the national anthem being made out to be only for military but its played at professional games . why is it played at professional sports games ? its no nessesary at games .

  2. 8

    I haven't bought any Nike products since the joined Kaepernick and his communist propaganda campaign. I also quit buying any Levi's or Docker products when they ran the marketing campaign "Uniform of the revolution" during the Occupy movement.

  3. 21
    brian mclean

    I haven’t bought Nike apparel in years – theCEO last year claimed they were China Company?? What? Consider New Balance, Puma, Adidas Converse etc

  4. 23
    Michael Piccola

    You are correct, keep politics out of sports. No biological men in women's sports. There was one girl injured when a biological man spiked a volleyball into the face of a female player.

  5. 28
    Luca Gheorghe

    👍This is my fifth year after retirement. I’ve been following the 4% rule thing, but this isn’t really how hard I expected things to be. I still have about $460k outside funds in my IRA to invest in stocks. Pls how do I take advantage of the market turnaround?🚀🚀🚀

  6. 31
    John Burdette

    All this stuff going on …
    Is the reason I quit watching all sports …
    No Women's sports ..
    No Purple Hair ⚽ Soccer player.
    You lost me years ago.
    I am done..
    MY Dad's 31 Army servive
    And my 30 years servive.

  7. 32

    Outrage about corporate wokism it misguided energy. It is just like trying to treat brain cancer with chemo therapy and radiation. Either way the patient is going to die.

    What we have to do is understand that the world of corporate influence is energized and guided by Marxism with a intense Maoist orientation. The only way to get back to some sense of normality is to turn people away from Communism and back to God. The secular humanist ubiquity that has the entire world in its strangle hold must be repelled. Otherwise it is just going to be more of this indefinitely.

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