Four microcurrent devices for an at-home facial

Our beauty editor Sophie Shaw shows us four microcurrent devices for an at-home facial. Sophie takes a deep dive into what microcurrents are, and how they can transform your beauty routine.

Pure Lift Face:


TheraFace PRO:

NuFACE Mini+:

Riki Tall Vanity Mirror:

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  1. 3
    Shirley Cathcart

    The fuzzy feeling sounds like the energy buz you can get by rubbing hands together briskly. Then hold palms close together & feel little currents. Have felt plain energy movements of pain in others at times. God made us into little bundles of energy,

  2. 4
    Shirley Cathcart

    Actually does work. It’s slow & takes time but my before & after photos did identify results for FINE lines. Have used it twice In
    past probably 10 years. Just don’t have that much interest in it. Wanted to help the girls that sold it mostly. I’m just old & would rather dig weeds & veggies. God may fix any thing else I need if I keep in touch with his rules. & His caring.

  3. 9
    jie li

    We do not recommend patients with neurasthenia to use public platforms for a long time! It will aggravate the condition!

  4. 14
    Susan Young

    My mother has a apparatus that looked like a shaver that gave you electric current in your skin like this does. That was back in the 1960’s it didn’t help her wrinkles at all.

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