Gutfeld reacts to Russell Brand sexual assault allegations

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to actor and comedian Russell Brand being accused of the rape and sexual assault of four women, which Brand denied.
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  1. 4
    UglyFaceOn AStick

    Sad what happened to Fox News turning into the same censored entertainment one hour of story telling.

    Tucker reported the truth then was fired. The left over hosts are kept in a bubble where they try to sound edgy, but are no different than the allowable Democrat media pablum. Ratings be damned.

  2. 5
    Tom Foolery

    A four year investigation by journalists employed by Rupert Murdoch, reported in Rupert Murdochs 'The Times' and 'The Sunday Times newspapers', and now taken down by TV presenter employed by Rupert Murdoch….

  3. 11
    Mickenos thaiways

    The British Government had to give the committe chairperson the go ahead to cause Google to cut off Brands income. She also tried the same with Rumble that was not as weak as google when it came to money and stopping its supply to the person responsible for it. And they declined the demand. The British Government have overstepped the procedure British life is built upon. They should be immediately dropped from public office. I De🎉mand. We must have an election to replace these Commies.

  4. 12

    Very andrew tate ish. All ppl that arent found, no police reports, and news trying tirelessly to make him guilty. I dont buy it.

  5. 13
    Water Falls

    If they took all his programs down without proof, then I would sue the hell out of them. If I were Brandt without proof, and they did this to him that’s evil, and the people who brought this up are evil.

  6. 20

    The establishment is afraid of the people who seek truth! Russell is for the people and government,mainstream media and millionaires can’t have that! What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  7. 21
    steve brindle

    I have always considered myself as left-wing but I despise cancel culture and so-called political correctness. Freedom of speech is paramount just as innocence until proven guilty should be! Nowadays it does not seem to be about left or right wing but right or wrong! I am from the UK and listen to and admire both Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore! I believe Russell is being attacked because of his anti-establishment views

  8. 23
    martin mohney

    The evil dopes get people from ten years ago to say something to degade they did this to Trump and Kavanagh ,Gods curse on the accusers and their pushers

  9. 25
    martin mohney

    They use this to go after people They went after Kavanaugh Trump Russel their evil moronic hell bound demons Gods curse on them till they reach hell and thats where their heading

  10. 28

    A good indication of what kind of "Story" this is, is the radio 4 show i heard last night, where one of the outlets pushing the story "Pleaded" for more women to come forward. Not the police, but the outlets pushing the story..

  11. 29
    Chandima Gunaratne

    Everyone is talking about his bad behaviour now and showing clips and recordings of him saying stuff NOW, but why not THEN point our what he was doing wrong? I don't like people like this…they didn't have to wait till women come out of nowhere to make these claims…they could have accused him then. But oh no…wait till someone to come out and say something then let us all jump into conclusion that he is all this and that. Horrible world we live in.

  12. 33
    Luis Lopez

    Best statement about the case I’ve heard and should be how it goes. Take both accounts and wait for the case to be resolved.

  13. 34

    It seems like the left if you are a celebrity and go on TV and talk trash on the left and exploit them they try to cancel you. Who's to say that the left paid someone to say that he did something inappropriate to them

  14. 35

    Bc russel is Nanking us aware of the true evil in this planet it’s called the corrupt stablishment military complex big pharma they create the problems then offer us the solution they are the elite that controls evryting in this country look at his podcast and you will notice

  15. 37
    Marty Garrett

    This is from the same people who burned Hawaii. They do not care if its true . They are trying to take him down since he has become a threat to the elite group. He is trying to wake people up. And the elite do not want this. So they will do anything to stop him from talking.

  16. 38
    Joe Link

    I don’t know Greg maybe change the name to Alec Baldwin or Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and then see what your attitude is?!?

  17. 46
    peter leonti

    They don't wear wigs and they should not ever get involved with anything like this.
    What you have to ask is why is Parliament t trying to cancel him.
    Could it be because of the things he has been saying with regards to the new world order.

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