CNN resurfaces 1987 clip of Trump criticizing NATO

CNN’s Phil Mattingly talks to US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith about former President Donald Trump’s contentious NATO comments and what his stance on NATO has been through the years. #CNN #News

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    I understand that but the problem with that no we cannot do that when Donald Trump have issues like that before really person as a person work for national security yeah we cannot allow that that would be different

  2. 2

    This ladies and gentlemen is what propaganda looks like. I don't care what side of the line you fall on, but the overarching absolute blatant and complete and total misuse and truth twisting at its highest level, do some research before you believe anything these new stations spew.

  3. 4

    I fully agree with Trump statement except with one thing: other NATO nations should not pay a cent to the alliance because they are vassal states keeping the US empire strong.

  4. 6

    "She says the Vast Majority were inching closer."

    That is falling short by any measure! Not good enough, stop Sugar coating things! Every Country in the Alliance should be hitting that 2 percent mark without reservation.

  5. 9

    Why don't you show the clips of many years ago where Joe Biden said he didn't know why Balck behaved the way they were with respect to Criminality? Please think of something else CNN

  6. 11

    There you have it. Trump is older, and is in physical decline, which is affecting his speech. But he's not in mental decline. He has always been an idiot, and he has always been a jerk.

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